The essence of football is in jeopardy .. Money rules, the gap has widened, and Messi is the best proof!

Money rules the world or do those papers never control a person? This is a question that has been asked for centuries and not everyone could answer it. In fact, it was the cause of many intellectual and even political conflicts. Sport has not escaped this dilemma. In fact, it has recently become an integral … Read more

The world golf champion places greed over principles to whitewash Saudi Arabia’s sports reputation! – homeland

Inside Arabia, a magazine specializing in Middle East and North African affairs, in a report highlighted the efforts and efforts of the Saudi Crown Prince and the de facto ruler of the Kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman, to infamous human rights record. exploiting influential figures around the world, including athletes, to conduct positive propaganda, revealing the … Read more

UAE: Combating terrorism and money laundering is a strategic priority

Emirati ministers and the Governor of the Central Bank reaffirmed the country’s strong commitment and sustained efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing; The UAE continues to implement a set of key measures to combat financial crime and improve the effectiveness of the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing system in line with the national … Read more

9 reasons why golf is the sport of the rich

The game of golf is very popular, and especially rich people play it around the world, from London to Dubai. Its popularity has grown exponentially in recent months since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a study published by the British “Gulf Mantley” website, the total number of people playing golf has increased … Read more

Is Obama’s return to the White House enough with Biden ahead of the US midterm elections? – The Independent

6 April 2022 photo released, Getty Images comment on the photo, Obama returns to the White House for a health care event for the first time in five years We start the British press from an article by Holly Baxter in The Independent Online, entitled “Obama returns to the White House with Biden, fan service … Read more

Bin Salman feeds Trump with dollars. Abu Ivanka Stadiums hosts Saudi Golf League

Watan – The Washington Post reported in a report that US golf courses owned by former President Donald Trump could possibly house the controversial Saudi Golf League, and negotiations are underway. According to the translation of (Watan), and by quoting three sources, the newspaper said that training courses in (Bedminster, New Jersey, Doral and Florida) … Read more

“Saudi Gulf” strengthens its global presence with a “training – economic” program

It aims to generate 2,200 jobs … and attract “all segments of society” to play the game Yesterday, Gulf Saudi Arabia launched a training and education program in Arabic, which is the first of its kind as an integrated curriculum. This coincides with the launch of the “Saudi Aramco International Women’s Championship” hosted by the … Read more

Simon Robbie’s story … How did the opera singer become a sniper for trillions of transactions?

Despite being over sixty, Simon Robbie, the singer to whom the title of “Knight” was awarded by the Queen of Britain, insists on continuing his career as the most prominent engineer and sniper of transactions in Britain. Simon played a major role in shaping the British corporate sector’s landscape for almost 40 years. During that … Read more