Amr Khaled explains how to make your life the best in love and submission to the will of God

17:52 Friday 22 April 2022 Books – Muhammad Qadous: Dr. Amr Khaled, the Islamic preacher, said that for a person to feel happy, he should enjoy being a servant of God Sunday, and should live the status of slavery, explaining that the most beautiful thing of slavery to God is to work for the Creator, … Read more

The best congratulatory phrases on the occasion of Ramadan 2022 Twitter The most beautiful photos and messages to congratulate friends and loved ones

Congratulations phrases on the occasion of Ramadan 2022With the approaching date of the best month of the year, the blessed Ramadan, the search for images and phrases of congratulations on the occasion of Ramadan Kareem 2022 for friends circulated on various social media platforms among all loved ones has increased. Therefore, through the Thaqafni news … Read more

Hatem Salah (Nafadi in Al Kabeer) to “Fi Al Fan”: I initially ran for the role of “Al-Atrah” and almost stopped acting when it was not for Ahmed Amin | news

With his laughter and his naive wink, the artist Hatem Salah has been able to draw attention to himself since the presentation of the first episodes of the series “Al Kabeer Oy 6”. In the series “Al-Kabeer Oy 6”, Hatem Salah embodies the role of “Nafadi”, the loyal friend of the great woman lover who … Read more

Morocco newspaper | “Love” by Haitham El-Hadiri and the sounds of “Tunisia Opera”: God is love and music identifies with his spirit and love

God is love, God is a sweet word in the hearts of the humble and on the tongues of the dreamers, God is not a single or monotheistic religion, it is a word of love whose way of expressing it difference From one nation to another, to man wherever he is on this earth, to … Read more

The Matrix of Life .. Bring out the best in you

Tell me – How do you make your life the ultimate in love and submission to God’s will? (The Matrix of Life) This is the pinnacle of service to God in the last ten days. On the contrary, throughout your life, God Almighty does not love more than His benefactor. It is not a condition … Read more