Astrologer Maya Hazeem reveals the most important horoscope predictions for Tuesday

Special Tuesday 9 August 20229/8/2022Until Tuesday, the moon continues its progress in the sign (earthly Capricorn).. The effects of the Capricorn moon remain, as the sense of organization increases, chaos decreases, and the results we expect according to the data and introductions.. It motivates people to respect laws and regulations with a certainty and overcome … Read more

‘Construction Worker Culture… What Do Saudis Know About South Korea?

In the beginning, and before the winds of Korean culture arrived, the knowledge of the Saudis about the Korean people was linked to the construction workers who left a good impression of the Korean people, as they were known for being hard, sincerity and dedication work. in infrastructure and reconstruction projects over the past many … Read more

A sharp dispute between an Omani minister and a Kuwaiti writer sets “Twitter” on fire

home country The microblogging website “Twitter” witnessed a sharp debate between the Omani Minister of Heritage and Tourism Salem Al-Mahrouqi and the Kuwaiti writer Hussein Al-Rawai, after the latter published an article on his Facebook page that described the lack to development in the Omani governorate of Dhofar, which he visited a few days ago. … Read more

Edgar Morin: Thoughts on education and school

cultural event Edgar Morin’s project worked on many philosophical workshops and anthropological investigations, starting from his first phase of thought, during which he focused on studying the question of death, and then moving to a second destination, during which he was inspired by the characteristics of the thesis of the complex mind, the background of … Read more

praise poem | verses of praise

related articles praise poems praise poetry Khalaf bin Hazal’s poem Poets wrote many verses eulogy Throughout the ages, these poems are dedicated to beloved people who have good qualities that you should praise and praise. We will give you the most beautiful verses eulogy And proud to give it to loved ones with love and … Read more

Nermin Kamil, sign language interpreter: The hearing-impaired audience has a higher sense than the normal one (Exclusive)

Recently, Nermin Kamil, a sign language translator, hit the trend, after appearing in a new song by artiste Asala, who translated the song into sign language for the deaf and hard of hearing. Nermin Kamil has been working at Ain Shams University for 7 years, then she tried to translate songs into sign language with … Read more