Shocking information about Neslihan Atagul, the heroine of the series “The Ambassador’s Daughter”, and the surprise in her religion!

Saturday, 23 April 2022 This is 04:00 (Ahdath Net / Arwa Jawdat) With photos of much spontaneity and romance while on the beach and elsewhere, Turkish star Neslihan Atagul celebrated the 40th birthday of her husband, star Kadir Doğlu. The star of “The Ambassador’s Daughter” sent a message of love and greetings to her husband, … Read more

Valentines Day Messages 2022

Valentine’s Day Messages 2022, after the Corona Pandemic, the whole world is afraid to go anywhere to celebrate International Valentine’s Day for the Year 2022, and Valentine’s Day Messages 2022 are the simplest and closest ways to express love, because it’s the first way since ancient times and before the appearance of gifts, and although … Read more

“We no longer fight girls, but we fight against their dreams” … A dialogue with the novelist and storyteller Rabab Kassab

The novelist and storyteller Rabab Kassab, who has a doctorate in agricultural sciences, lives on the edge of two cities, a small town and the capital. She writes to know herself and the world, and she tries to liberate herself by writing, acknowledging her truth: “I am not a farmer to the core, nor a … Read more

Here are the cases where the result of the corona test is false negative

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – If you think a negative test result means you do not have the coronavirus, you could be wrong. It may take days for the infection to appear in the “Covid-19” test. “We know that the incubation period for COVID-19 is up to 14 days,” said the emergency physician dr. … Read more

The director of “Not Me” sends a strongly worded message to Moez Masoud

Director Sarah Wafik posted a strong reaction on her personal Facebook page to Moez Masoud, Hala Shiha’s husband, following her statements against the movie “Mesh Ana” starring Tamer Hosni. The director of the movie “Not Me” Sarah Wafik said: “Professor Moez, I’m Sarah Wafik, director of the film. I did not read your post, in … Read more

Valentine’s Day 2022 Phrases in All Arab Countries

Tomorrow, February 14, 2022, comes the date of Valentine’s Day to the Arab countries, which is an important occasion for many in the Arab countries, especially lovers, lovers and couples, who are trying to use this day to renew their love. Phrases of Valentine’s Day 2022 in all Arab countries, where lovers and loved ones … Read more

Amr Khaled explains how to make your life the best in love and submission to the will of God

17:52 Friday 22 April 2022 Books – Muhammad Qadous: Dr. Amr Khaled, the Islamic preacher, said that for a person to feel happy, he should enjoy being a servant of God Sunday, and should live the status of slavery, explaining that the most beautiful thing of slavery to God is to work for the Creator, … Read more