How to be a successful entrepreneur?

It may not be easy, and in fact, to give a satisfactory answer to the question: How to be a successful entrepreneur? The reasons are many, firstly: there is no secret or serious recipe for it to become so, and secondly: entrepreneurship is all about experimentation; In the sense that there is always plowing in … Read more

Emirates News Agency – UNCTAD 2022 report: The UAE is the first in the Arab world and the 19th worldwide to attract foreign direct investment

It is 17th worldwide in issued investments, with a total of $ 22.5 billion, with a growth of 19%. The UAE is the first in the Arab world and the 19th worldwide to attract foreign direct investment, according to the UNCTAD 2022 report. – Ibn Touq: The report confirms that the country is gradually moving … Read more

Stella City expands into Europe and launches its two-tower units in Istanbul, Turkey

United Arab Emirates: Stella City, the leading Emirati company with a unique vision to create the future of hospitality and accommodation, announces its expansion in Europe with the launch of two towers at two prestigious locations in Istanbul, Turkey. Both Stella Stays Istanbul Etiler Tower will receive guests from June 2022, while the Stella Stays … Read more

Tunisia increases the attractiveness of foreign investment and most of the European Union

Tunisian Prime Minister Najla Bouden has announced the forthcoming start of negotiations between Tunisia and the International Monetary Fund, expressing the donor’s confidence in the government’s reform program launched months ago . During the opening of the Tunis Investment Forum, she spoke about the reality of the field in the country and its indicators, which … Read more

More than 100 years … Georgian architecture is a pristine style

Georgian architecture originated during the era of the four kings of England, from George I to the fourth, and stretched from 1714 to 1830, and its buildings were known in cities such as Edinburgh, Bath, London and Bristol, many of which are still remains today, when the English colonists brought them to the United States, … Read more

Designer Claudia Granberg: The “luxury” project combines modernity in design, heritage and comfort

Dubai is not a road for designer Claudia Granberg, who has been in the emirate for more than 20 years, far beyond her time in her home country, Nicaragua. Dubai was the starting point for the design of luxury interiors in the city, Southeast Asia, and a place to get closer to people and Emirati … Read more

The Minister of Housing makes a decision on the movement of promotions and extended orders to the new cities’ devices

Minister of Housing Share Dr. issued Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, issued a decision to promote a movement of promotions and extended commissions to the new cities’ devices, with the aim of promoting work on major projects in new cities are implemented. He stressed that the performance of all leaders is … Read more