“New York Times”: The Museum of the Future is inspired by the vision of Mohammed bin Rashid

Prepared by: Hisham Mokhaneh The New York Times has published a long article in which he talks about the latest art icons that have joined the list of precious architectural masterpieces in the Emirate of Dubai, which is the “Museum of the Future”. The newspaper said, along the 14-lane Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, between … Read more

February is a crazy month that looks like Lebanon. Storms, love and explosions

Zizi Estephan wrote in “Nidaa al-Watan”, a month different from any other, neither in length nor in prestige, one of the winter months, but the smell of summer in it, Gregory the calendar, but the last that belongs to it. The “one-eyed” month, as the old people describe it, is short, but it is not … Read more

Financial market expert: Arab stock exchanges reach historic highs and take advantage of oil

Hanan Ramses, a financial markets expert, said it was still Arab Stock Exchanges Historical highs have been reached, with the benefit of the return of high oil prices worldwide, despite America’s announcement to release stored oil reserves to meet Europe’s needs to curb the rise in oil prices. Ramses continued to, in addition to the … Read more

Bedroom Decorations – Layalina

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Engineer Nihal Zaki: The awards make my Egyptian voice heard in the global design arena

The conversation with Nihal Zaki, a prestigious name in the world of interior design in Egypt and the Arab countries, is direct and full of positivity and confidence, as the engineer looks at work from the perspective of passion, and considers her award-winning achievements at the local level , as in the Middle East and … Read more

Mohammed bin Rashid witnesses the launch of the second edition of the Global Food Technology Challenge

T + T – normal size His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, witnessed the launch of the second edition of the “Global Food Technology Challenge”, which seeks innovative solutions to seek. to improve the food security system … Read more

Love is the opium of men

When we explore most of the love stories, we find that almost everyone often has a sad and tragic ending. It becomes even more surprising, when we realize that these love stories of honesty, purity and power were in one place. Meaning, does it have anything to do with the nature of the emotion of … Read more

ikea kinderkamer 2021

ikea children’s room 2021 IKEA children’s bedrooms, the latest models 2021, IKEA is one of the best companies selling furniture, accessories and home appliances, and although it is a multinational company, it has gained great popularity in the Arab world, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the reason for its distinction, both at … Read more