Bedroom decoration designs .. their paint, colors and styles | Lifestyle

Beirut – Interior designer Rana points out that the finish and establishment of bedrooms is one of the important factors in the home, noting that the fashion of 2022 decorations is characterized by simplicity and romantic character, as there are many designs and decorations for bedrooms, including classic and modern (modern)). Tips for choosing a … Read more

Inner Islamic style … a global mix of cultures

When we talk about an Islamic design, we describe a characteristic general atmosphere for this design, i.e. far from defining a specific style, the primary or the secondary, as Islamic art has gone through various stages that varied according to its geographical environment and the period in which it developed. The engineering design came in … Read more

Big resignations … the biggest challenge the technology sector has faced in history | technology

According to a report released by the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly 4.3 million people quit their jobs last January alone, making up about 3% of the total workforce in the United States. Recent labor force studies across Asia, Europe, and the United States have shown a significant shift in employees’ attitudes toward work, which … Read more

Al-Ithaf in explaining the issues of I’tikaf

Throughout Islamic history, i’tikaaf has remained one of the jurisprudence issues that many of those i’tikaaf observe ask about the truth, its rulings, its conditions, its divisions, its time and its invalidities. Al-Bukhari and Muslim) explain the issues of this worship that the believer should not miss because of its great virtues and its great … Read more

What would Le Pen’s foreign policy look like if he became president of France?

The debate that 15.6 million French people watched during the presidential debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen on Wednesday night did not reach the usual number of viewers and did not come up with anything new, as each candidate remained in his positions. , and the two candidates did not cross the boundaries … Read more

Children’s bedroom decorations, paints, colors and styles. Here are the latest designs for 2022 | Lifestyle

Beirut – Children’s bedroom decorations require special attention to make the child feel comfortable, safe and cheerful, and at the same time they have clear designs that suit the tastes of young children. Interior designer Lina Yafouri reviews the latest shapes, colors, models and paints for children’s bedroom decorations for 2022: Children’s Bedroom Designs 2022 … Read more

The Minister of Transport follows up on the implementation of the express train project

The Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, inspected the first line of the express train project (Ain Sukhna – El Alamein – Marsa Matrouh). The Minister of Transport said in a statement that the project works are underway in the distance from the Burj Al Arab station in Alexandria to the city of Ras Al-Hikma, … Read more

Central – The Sultanate of Oman presents an educational technology mission from Lebanon

central – The Middle East and North Africa Alliance for Educational Technology indicated that “in the context of its ongoing effort to implement the 20 × 20 Plan, which deals with networks and partnerships with educational technology institutions and innovation in the Arab countries, launched by the founder. of the MENA EDTECH ALLIANCE, Rabie Baalbaki … Read more