How did the Holiday Inn revolutionize America in the twentieth century?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Kimmons Wilson was traveling by car from New York to Washington with his family when the idea first occurred to him. The Wilsons had to stop for the night, but it was the summer of 1951, so the road facilities were not what they are today. At the time, … Read more

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture brings light back to the forgotten Rashid Karami exhibition

She got 6 projects including “Niemeyer Hospitality” The vast majority of Lebanese who visit the Rashid Karami International Exhibition in Tripoli do not know the existence of the Niemeyer Guest House, which the Aga Khan Award listed among the projects that won its famous award for architecture for the year 2022, located in a distant … Read more

The Saudis are celebrating their 92nd national day under the slogan “We have a home.”

Saudi Arabia celebrates its national day every year on the twenty-third of September to commemorate the unification of the Kingdom and its establishment by King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman. On this day in 1932 AD, history recorded the birth of Saudi Arabia after the epic heroism led by the founder King Abdul Rahman Al-Aziz, over … Read more

“House of Olives on the Go”… Lebanese food on the wave of technology

After his success in “Park Royal” he arrives in Knightsbridge in a modern look When you mention the “Park Royal” area, you think of the industrial city that includes factories, factories and auto repair shops, but in the recent period, you passed through that area to smell the smell of sweets, foods and oriental pastries. … Read more

Emirates Airlines and United are expanding their presence in the market with a new agreement

September 14, 2022 10:51 p.m Emirates Airlines and United announced that they have reached a historic partnership agreement that will expand their networks and allow their customers to easily access hundreds of new destinations, within the United States and around the world.From November 2022, Emirates customers traveling to Chicago, San Francisco and Houston, three of … Read more

The Torch of the Saudi Games… From the “City Train” Museum to the historic Tabuk Castle

The Torch of the Saudi Games… From the “City Train” Museum to the historic Tabuk Castle Basketball legend Mohsen Khalaf and boxer Lamis Al-Balawi took part in her pregnancy Wednesday – 18 Safar 1444 AH – 14 September 2022 AD Issue No. [ 15996] Al-Haqbani receiving the torch from Lamis Al-Balawi (Middle East) Riyadh: “Middle … Read more

The world is before us… without phones | The Middle East

Walking down any street, you’ll come across a familiar sight: people craning their necks and looking at their phones. But, in the not-too-distant future, we’ll probably just be staring at digital information floating around the world in front of us, a mix of the digital and real worlds, all thanks to augmented reality.In an ordinary … Read more

Will the rising cost of living change the level of demand for housing in Britain?

Under the headline ‘The Big Split in Britain’s Housing Wealth’, the Financial Times questioned the total value of all UK homes and said estimates could vary by the individual trillion, or so, depending on who is doing the calculations, but the summer property portal Zubla I put the figure at 10 trillion pounds ($11.6 trillion) … Read more

“International” golf stars compete again in the Aramco Championship

“International” golf stars compete again in the Aramco Championship Al-Sorour is proud of the qualitative leap… and Talal Al-Marri: Our aim is to make a difference in this sport Thursday – 29 Rajab 1443 AH – 03 March 2022 AD Issue No. [ 15801] A group of international women’s players will participate in the “Saudi … Read more

Balmoral… the “fortified” castle of memories except of death

Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96, after a long journey in which she ruled Britain for 70 years. And the royal family in Britain rushed to be next to the queen this Thursday morning, the eighth of September, after doctors expressed concern about her health and … Read more