Black Sea Mountains in Turkey.. green castles hugging the clouds

Trabzon (Turkey) / Muhammed Sheikh Yusuf / Anatolia Every year, millions of people crawl into the mountains of the Black Sea18 Turkish cities overlooking the Black Sea coast from east to westMost of the beauty of Turkey is concentrated in the Black Sea coast, which is full of green hillsInvestors usually seek to buy real … Read more

At a presidential invitation, the Palestinian Youth Orchestra meets art lovers in Turkey (report)

Ankara / Safa Sahin / Anatolia The activities begin with the “Palestinian-Turkish Peace Concert” at the Turkish Presidential Symphony Orchestra and continue for a week in Ankara and IstanbulAmina Erdogan hosts young musicians and meets artist Maryam Afifi, who became a “symbol of resistance” during her defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque– Director of the Palestinian Youth … Read more

With the exclusion of the “Swift” system … Will the “nuclear weapon” succeed against Russia

Professor Elif Nuroğlu / Anatolia According to the French finance minister, the decision to exclude Swift is a “financial nuclear weapon, but the decision will also negatively affect the countries that made the decision”.Iran has been excluded from the SWIFT system, which has caused serious damage to its trade.Russia was included in the SWIFT system … Read more

The butcher of Al-Sabbah .. A Jordanian man designs a cave parallel to the outside world (photo report)

Ajloun / Laith Al Junaidi / Anatolia It is easy for a person to choose an idea that sets him apart from others, but the real difficulty lies in how to apply it and to transform it into a practical discovery and innovation that prevents differentiation and choice. This is what the 47-year-old Jordanian butcher … Read more

For entertainment and sports, a new championship in Gaza for “amputators”

Gaza / Nour Abu Eisha / Anatolia In a closed gym, 5 soccer teams, whose members are people who have lost limbs, compete in a local Palestinian championship, which was launched for the first time, in the Gaza Strip. Unlike grassy and open fields, indoor soccer, briefly called “futsal” or “five-five”, requires high skill as … Read more

A new investment law … Will it return foreign capital to Algeria?

Algeria / Hassan Jibril / Anatolia President Tebboune ordered to place the “Algerian Investment Promotion Agency” under the authority of the Prime MinisterThe new draft investment law provides for greater transfer of profits from foreign investors and imposes fines on the impediment of investments– Head of a business organization: the law provides for the fight … Read more

In Sweden … Muslim children are victims of a “violation” of the law (report)

Stockholm / Leyla Nezerevich / Anatolië After months of protests organized by Muslim families in Sweden claiming that their children had been “kidnapped” by the authorities, Seo Westerberg, a member of the Scandinavian Human Rights Committee, revealed the secrets of the country’s social services system. Westerberg, the international lawyer who has won 8 cases in … Read more

Daily Bulletin of the Arab Bulletin – Tuesday 31 August 2021

Menere subscribers: Below you will find the news feeds, reports and “New Media” for the agenda of the Arab Newsletter for Tuesday, 31 August 2021. * News follow-up: * Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu is holding talks in Serbia within the framework of an official visit. * International The United States will end the withdrawal … Read more

Libya … Does Parliament’s ratification of the “Bashagha budget” prefer it?

Moataz Wanis / Anatolia Political analyst Taher Muhammad: Parliament’s ratification of the Bashagha government’s budget is predeterminedAuthor Fathi Al-Hurr: The Bashagha Government’s possession of money will not give it recognition to the international community The Libyans’ attention will be drawn this week to the parliamentary session in Tobruk, during which a budget for the Fathi … Read more

Algeria .. “Corrupt money” destroys hundreds of candidates for elections

Algeria / Abbas Mimouni / Anatolia Article 200 of the Algerian Electoral Code has provoked much controversy, as it has rejected many applications for early parliamentary elections.The seventh paragraph of the article emphasizes that the candidate should not be known for his involvement with the suspicious financial and business circles, and his influence (..) on … Read more