Paris Hilton says she was sexually assaulted in a boarding school! | miscellaneous | DW Arabic window on the lives of celebrities and funny events | DW

American reality TV star and model Paris Hilton said she was sexually assaulted while a student at a boarding school, according to German magazine Der Spiegel. Hilton described that experience in a video clip back to the “New York Time” newspaper with other people sharing their experiences in similar treatment facilities for young people. “Around … Read more

A flurry of colds sweeping Germany…worse than Corona? | health | Essential information for better health | DW

There is an impression in Germany these days that many people are sick with colds. This impression is not entirely wrong. In a report by the Robert Koch Institute, experts concluded that more people are currently suffering from severe respiratory problems compared to the same time last year. Even before the Corona pandemic, a steady … Read more

Venomous spiders “invade” homes in various German regions | Science and Technology | The latest discoveries and studies from DW Arabic | DW

The German “Mercur” website revealed that many residents of the German state of Baden-Württemberg reported seeing poisonous “Nosferatu” spiders in the past few days, adding that these spiders were found in the dishwasher, bathroom and garden of the house was seen. The Nosferatu spider is six centimeters long and has a brown color. These poisonous … Read more

Plants and trees purify the air in your home and improve mood and mental health! | Climate Change | DW

Houseplants are not only for decoration and add aesthetic touch to the interior design, but also have practical properties, they produce oxygen and humidify the air. Depending on the type and size, green plants can filter large amounts of pollution and thus significantly improve the indoor climate. A study conducted by NASA confirmed that growing … Read more

Germany .. Adoption of new measures to save energy | DW Arabic news | Breaking news and perspectives from around the world | DW

Germany, which fears a gas shortage, on Wednesday (August 24, 2022) approved a series of measures to save energy, such as limiting the temperatures of heating devices in public administrations and buildings, and urged individuals and companies to follow suit . “We don’t want to measure temperatures in the bedrooms and individual freedom must be … Read more

Due to the Corona vaccine, Moderna is suing Biontech and Pfizer | DW Arabic news | Breaking news and perspectives from around the world | DW

Release Moderna Laboratory Friday (August 26, 2022) a court battle against Pfizer and Piontech, accusing them of infringing patents on core technologies for a messenger RNA vaccine against Covid-19. “Moderna is convinced that the Kommernati vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech against COVID-19 infringes on the patents that Moderna filed between 2010 and 2016,” said a … Read more

This is how retired pilots help Ukrainian refugees! | Politics and Economics | In-depth analysis with a broader perspective from DW | DW

Retiree John Boone was able to stay in his small house in Apalachicola, Florida, enjoy the sunshine on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, and occasionally give flying lessons. But John Boone is no ordinary retired pilot. The 71-year-old has already flown twice around the world with his Cirrus SR22 … Read more

Scientists: The Earth is spinning faster than it should… and the length of days is decreasing! | Science and Technology | The latest discoveries and studies from DW Arabic | DW

Astronomers and physicists have confirmed that the Earth is rotating faster, and that it recently recorded its shortest day ever. On June 29 this year, the Earth made one complete revolution, about 1.59 milliseconds shorter than the average day length of 86,400 seconds, or 24 hours. While the 1.59 ms decrease in day length may … Read more