The oldest computer in the world is 2,200 years old.. The story of the mysterious Greek “Antickythera machine”

Off the Greek island of Antikythera, divers have found a shipwreck containing a unique treasure: the world’s oldest computer, or what has become known among scientists as the “Antikythera Machine”. Probably designed 2,200 years ago, this device is the size of a shoebox and performs complex astronomical calculations. Although this device was discovered in 1901, … Read more

Riaad Newspaper | ASUS 2022 laptops take the lead with the latest Intel processors

ASUS 2022 laptops take the lead with the latest Intel processors Excellent thermal design and upgraded chassis design ensure class-leading performance of Intel Core H-Series CPUs in the latest generation of EVO-powered thin and light laptops the main points • Intelligent architecture and cooling technologies leverage the latest 12th Gen Intel®️ Core ™ ️ H-Series … Read more

Saudi Arabia competes for top position in the region in the cloud computing sector

The “Intelligent CIO” website highlighted aspects of the technological boom that the Kingdom is witnessing in the current era, as it shows a strong intention to lead the cloud computing sector in the Middle East region, by attracting the latest technology which qualifies the Saudi technology sector to develop faster than its peers. Cloud computing … Read more