Nominations are open for a grant from the Literary and Artistic Creativity Encouragement Fund

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has announced the opening of the door for candidacy for the grant of the Literary and Artistic Creativity Encouragement Fund for the year 2022, which is awarded to contribute to the financing of cultural and artistic works, intellectual works, artist training and promotion of live performances. The deadline for accepting … Read more

Projects that express creativity. Graduates of “Fine Arts Mansoura” embody reality with art (Live)

The graduate projects of the fourth group of arts and the second group of architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Mansoura University, have been highly praised by Egyptian university professors, for their artworks characterized by the spirit of art, creativity and innovation.. In this regard, “The Seventh Day” presented a live broadcast entitled “The Graduation Projects … Read more

How to spend it Arabic in May: sophisticated art and surprising elegance

Our readers are Instagram users You can now follow the latest news for free through our Instagram accountClick here to sign in Elaf van Beirut: As for the May 2022 issue of Modern Luxury Magazine, it has been published How to spend it Arabic And it has become accessible to every reader, here is a … Read more

Riaad Newspaper | Vision 2030 and stimulates intellectual creativity

Dr. Marzouq Al-Ruwais With the effects of the so-called awakening period, which was the result of a large expansion of mono-content cultural production, which focused primarily on the religious aspect, which created a state of mind and mentality associated with Islamic civilization become, until we no longer have a clear definition of who a thinker … Read more