The basics of design for the dining room open to the hall

Some homeowners prefer that the dining and hall rooms open to each other, in the living unit, to represent the expansion of the internal spaces and modernity and to facilitate movement, as well as to improve interaction between family members. However, the “open decor” requires that the identity of each room does not disappear, while … Read more

Interior designer Ghaith Maatouk: Some of my designs are inspired by paintings that I like

Lines he mastered the choice of colors from childhood, when drawing and coloring were one of his few cherished hobbies, although his family did not welcome his orientation towards architecture and design, but they soon began to support him, when this child turned into a boy who loves details, which the more it sinks into … Read more

Secondary furniture pieces.. to beautify the decorations

Owners of small (or medium) residential apartments can dispense with a group of so-called “secondary” furniture, under the pretext of saving in the budget allocated for furnishing interior spaces after renovation, or their narrowness, or to comply with a simplistic approach in design. However, the presence of one of these pieces can be sufficient to … Read more

Hall decorations with luxurious touches | Ms. Magazine

With the end of the year, there are plenty of invitations and gatherings with family and friends in homes to welcome the New Year in a festive and joyful atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the decoration of the reception halls through some additions that are in line with the fashion of … Read more

Hard and soft decoration materials in 2023

The American artist Theaster Gates (1973), whose installation works are distributed in various museums and galleries around the world, says that “it’s not about materials, but about our ability to shape things.” In the “deconstruction” of the saying, it becomes clear that whatever the characteristics of any raw material, the worker must adapt it to … Read more

Designer Amal Al-Faqih: Needs are more important than wants in the world of decoration

With confident and steady steps, Saudi interior designer Amal Al-Faqih began her career in the world of design. She is passionate about her work, likes challenges and likes to pay attention to the smallest details. She knows the client’s needs well. and draw her designs accordingly, and this is what sets her apart from her … Read more

British designer Nikki Biesecker: The interior design profession was written for me!

Nikki Bisiker is the owner and chief creative director of Nikki Bisiker Interiors; The British-born designer thinks she could never think of another career, saying that interior design was meant for her! In the following dialogue, Nikki Biesecker talks to “” about her background and philosophy in the world of interior design.__ British designer Nikki … Read more

A mini guide to common mistakes and solutions for home building defects and interior designs

Some owners find it difficult to notice various defects in the construction upon receiving their apartments, including: the use by real estate developers of cheap materials to cover the roofs, or water leakage through the ceilings after a while, or the failure in how to spread the benefits or the permanent heat, noting that some … Read more

The modern home with classic touches. The richness of design in the interior spaces

There is a need for the presence of more than one design style under the roof of the house, to express various cultures, as well as tastes that appreciate every beauty, regardless of its source. This need is especially translated by merging classicism with modernity. In this context, the interior design engineer Ruwaida al-Kharrat talks … Read more

AB Contemporary Design of the Women’s Majlis

The Women’s Council is a common presence in the home in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf countries, where women gather in the aforementioned indoor space to enjoy conversations with female friends and family, within the framework of a comfortable and warm atmosphere. The above majlis are characterized by privacy and luxury, to provide … Read more