The listing of 6 new companies in the UAE capital markets since the beginning of the year

The local financial markets have witnessed the inclusion of 6 new companies since the beginning of this year, in a step that contributes to increasing the depth of the markets, improving their investment attractiveness and attracting a new segment of investors, and thus the position of the financial markets in the country as one of … Read more

13.94 billion dirhams UAE shares gains mid-week session

Local money markets rose at the end of today’s session for the second session in a row as the Abu Dhabi market rose near 9550 points, and the Dubai market also rose near 3350 points, amid the momentum of liquidity. The local financial markets were able to achieve strong market gains amounting to 13.94 billion … Read more

At the end of today’s session 9.8 billion dirhams UAE share gains

At the end of trading today, the local stock markets gained about 9.8 billion dirhams, supported by the gains of the leading stocks in the real estate, banking, communications and investment sectors, amid liquidity exceeding 1.75 billion dirhams has. The local financial markets rose at the end of today’s session, today, Tuesday, so that the … Read more

Global pressure drops on UAE financial markets in the first sessions of the week

The local financial markets declined at the end of today’s session, the first session of the week, which caused the Dubai market to decline at the highest rate of decline in 3 weeks, with the Abu Dhabi market close to the level of 9400 points has fallen, under pressure from the decline of major stocks. … Read more

The UAE’s financial markets jump amid global support

4.2 billion dirhams, Dubai share gains in the first sessions of the week The UAE financial markets managed to reach strong highs in the first sessions of the week, with the Abu Dhabi market jumping near 9900 points, while the Dubai market rose near the 3350 points level with the support of large shares. The … Read more

Experts after “Vision”: The UAE markets are strong with its solid companies, despite the challenges of global markets

Rapid profit-making operations forced the Dubai Financial Market Index to decline at the close of trading on Wednesday, while the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange index continued to rise for the second consecutive session, with more investors’ appetite opening up opportunities in major equities grab, which coincides with the return of the initial offers. The director … Read more

Profit-taking operations bring down local stock market indices

At the end of today’s session, local financial markets witnessed a decline, which was affected by traders’ profit-taking operations, which coincided with the decline in global markets, in addition to the international uncertainty surrounding US interest rate hikes, in addition to the sharp decline returning to the digital currency markets, and the state of anticipation … Read more

2.239 billion dirhams, Emaar profit for the first quarter

Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM: EMAAR), Emaar Properties PJSC announced significant quarterly profit growth thanks to strong real estate sales and a significant improvement in the performance of recurring income projects. This achievement reflects the continued confidence in the Emaar brand and the overall recovery of economic activity in Dubai, particularly the real … Read more

Maktoum bin Mohammed approves new plan for Dubai Financial Center courts

His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Governor of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and President of the Dubai International Financial Center, approved the new DIFC Courts Strategy for the years 2022-2024, which aims to is to develop a judicial support system and achieve more global justice.According to a … Read more