Engineer Nihal Zaki: The awards make my Egyptian voice heard in the global design arena

Talking to Nihal Zaki, a prestigious name in the world of interior design in Egypt and the Arab countries, is direct and full of positivity and confidence, as the engineer looks at work from the perspective of passion, and considers her award-winning achievements at the local level, as in the Middle East and the world, … Read more

Counselor Ahmed Saeed Khalil: Money laundering crimes threaten the integrity of the financial system of countries

Counselor Ahmed Saeed Khalil, chairman of the board of trustees of the unit against money laundering and terrorist financing in Egypt, said that money laundering and terrorist financing crimes threaten the integrity and stability of the financial system of countries, and that it has negative consequences. on their economies. In his speech before the Anti-Money … Read more

The Minister of Communications meets the Minister of Economy and Creativity of Lithuania to discuss cooperation in the field of digital transformation (photos)

/1969332/The-minister-of-communication-meets-the-minister-of-economy-and-creativity-of-Lithuania-to-discuss-cooperation-in-the-field-of-digital-transformation-photos 09:49 – Fri 26 August 2022 During his visit to Lithuania, Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, an extensive meeting with mrs. Ozrini Armonati, Minister of Economy and Innovation of Lithuania, held; During which they discussed ways of joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of digital transformation, the … Read more

In pictures.. Misr University of Science and Technology organizes a grand graduation ceremony for a new batch of the Faculty of Information Technology

/1969326/in photos-Mr.-University of Science and Technology-organizes-a-big-party-to-graduate-a-new-batch-of-college-information-technology 21:47 – Thursday 25 August 2022 * Honor the star Dora and the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani .. The artist congratulates the students and confirms: “Information technology is a very important and difficult college.” * The star Dora: I am proud of my honor from Misr University of Science and … Read more

How do the Nubian houses charm their visitors?

In recent years, the Nubian houses in the Nubian towns and islands in the Aswan governorate have become a stand-alone tourist destination and one of the internal and external tourist attractions in the far south of Egypt, which in turn has contributed to the elimination of unemployment rates among the local population, where many tourists … Read more

The Minister of Communications sees the launch of the “electronic signature and stamp” services (photos)

/1968911/the-minister-of-communications-witnesses-ceremonies-launch-services-signature-and-electronic-seal-photos 10:22 – Thursday 18 August 2022 Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, witnessed the launch ceremony of the “electronic signature and seal” services, in collaboration between Orange Egypt and Egypt Trust, in order to activate the agreement signed between them, which aims to is to publish companies’ and individuals’ contracts on … Read more

It supports bad and negative content and encourages idiots.. What are the weirdest contests in the world? What are the prizes given to the winners?

But there is another kind of award that not many people know about, and it is different in nature, value and purpose. As some of them have political or recreational ties and may not be in kind or tangible but rather only a title. But what is really interesting and most characteristic of these types … Read more

Mercedes-Maybach S 680 with specifications, prices and photos

We show you our most important and recent visitor news details Mercedes-Maybach S 680 with specifications, prices and photos in the following article Omar Shuwail – Jeddah Mercedes-Maybach is the latest and most important Mercedes for 2022 (Mercedes Maybach S 680), one of the developments of the S class, because it has some features of … Read more

Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdel Aziz hosted a film duel. Kira and the Jinn showed forgotten heroes who sacrificed for Egypt

It managed to gross nearly £84 million in revenue, becoming the fastest-grossing film in cinema historyThe Egyptian woman reaches these records in revenue in just 23 days, and the work is expected to reach the highest revenue in the history of Egyptian cinema in the next few days, to confirm the story and screenwriter Ahmed … Read more

Acceptance rates in Jordanian universities 2022-2023

date of publication: 08-03-2022 10:08 – Last updated: 08-03-2022 13:17 The unified coordination unit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Jordan, is preparing to announce the results and acceptance rates in Jordanian universities for the year 2022-2023 after the results of the Tawjihi. Minimum competitive rates: Medicine 99.4 – 99.5 … Read more