Designer Mirna Johari: Luxury and attention to style is an important part of Arab culture

Mirna Johari, a Lebanese fashion designer, creates high-end dresses and wedding dresses for the confident, elegant and showy girl. Her designs have captured the admiration of audiences around the world, as her clothes have been worn by women from the Middle East, the Gulf, as well as from Europe and Africa. We get to know … Read more

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Hadeel Ahmed: I am proud of what I have achieved.. and the future is more beautiful

#fashion news Ghana Azzam today The Jordanian designer based in Abu Dhabi, Hadeel Ahmed, is inspired by the fashion of her brand “Rosa Couture” from nature and leaves, and is attracted by the designs of engineering buildings, which inspire and give her a modern and futuristic vision, different from others. Ten years after launching her … Read more