The oldest computer in the world is 2,200 years old.. The story of the mysterious Greek “Antickythera machine”

Off the Greek island of Antikythera, divers have found a shipwreck containing a unique treasure: the world’s oldest computer, or what has become known among scientists as the “Antikythera Machine”. Probably designed 2,200 years ago, this device is the size of a shoebox and performs complex astronomical calculations. Although this device was discovered in 1901, … Read more

Four ways to provide Saudi companies with “resilience” during a year of instability

Various concepts were raised in the years before the Corona pandemic, where the word “easy change” was commonly mentioned in all business technology conferences. We had an imperative need to realize this simplified concept of the process of change to be compatible with the changing world by its very nature. We can say that “change … Read more

The global AI market will grow to more than $ 1.5 trillion by 2030

Posted 9 Hours ago – 07:17 GMT Saudi Arabia Mobilk – The importance of artificial intelligence in business sectors is increasing rapidly as smart machines stimulate every aspect of our daily lives to improve human skills and abilities. AI has also become so embedded in our work that it is difficult to imagine our daily … Read more

Preparation for the GCSE Exam | Book of Ammon

News issued by the Ministry of Education indicates that he has completed his preparations to hold the general secondary school certificate examination for the current year 2022 AD, at a time when all his staff and cadres have mobilized to pass to work for a clean exam, as it has completed the implementation of the … Read more

Will America experience a recession in 2024?

The Economist – Translation by Qassem Makki – Not so long ago, it seemed like America’s economy would shrink about once every ten years. But just two years after the first coronavirus shutdowns, the business cycle is spinning at a tremendous speed. And another downturn seems to be on the way. Deflation is a macroeconomic … Read more