The artificial intelligence market is expected to grow to $ 1.5 trillion

The importance of artificial intelligence in business sectors is increasing rapidly as smart machines stimulate every aspect of our daily lives to improve human skills and abilities. Artificial intelligence has also become so intrinsic to our work that it is difficult to imagine our daily lives without it, due to the tremendous developments made by … Read more

Banking and intelligence robbery … North Korea is indispensable for “Lazarus”

Posted in: 02/06/2022 – 17:16 According to a report released by the international cyber security company ESET, the North Korean hacking group “Lazarus” has been conducting a large-scale electronic espionage operation on a large group of companies in the aviation and defense sectors around the world since 2020. . This hack illustrates the importance that … Read more

The unveiling of the Lincoln Star concept in preparation for the launch of three new electric motors for the brand

Featuring an aerodynamic silhouette, stylish design and an extremely exciting cabin, the Lincoln Star Concept made its world debut, marking the brand’s design language for its future electric vehicles. The Lincoln Star paves the way for three new fully electric vehicles for the brand by 2025, followed by a fourth by 2026. Lincoln Star Concept … Read more