Designers Nour and Maysa Sakkal: Our work aims to stimulate emotions

Nour and Maysa Sakkal, two sisters, partners and designers from Lebanon; The first studied architecture in Beirut and Barcelona, ​​and the second studied interior design in Beirut, and each of them worked alone before establishing their own “studio” in Beirut, and later a branch in Kuwait. The studio’s work spans the interwoven world of design, … Read more

Decorative lighting units.. “sculptures” to beautify the home

Decorative lighting units are similar to ornaments, add value to home decorations, and are considered collectibles desired by people, within the framework of decoration, so designers make efforts so that the units they create attract eyes to them, and they take inspiration from various sources, such as: nature and the “Art Deco” style finally, They … Read more

Designer Rania Hamed: Every project I undertake has its own unique concept

Rania Hamed, the Egyptian interior design architect, with award-winning projects, is the descendant of a family that worked in textile and fashion design, the field she first entered, before deciding to join the world of interior architecture , which contributed to the Dubai real estate market designs that give importance to context and reflect in-depth … Read more

Carpet and curtain designs in 2023 natural textures and bright colors

A warm house is like a precious treasure… In the presence of carpets and curtains, the two elements that affect the decorations of interior spaces, warmth is inevitably achieved, and note that carpets are synonymous with comfort and luxury, and curtains , regardless of their texture, express feminine touches. Rugs from Nadine Kanso’s All Eyes … Read more

Interior designer Ghaith Maatouk: Some of my designs are inspired by paintings that I like

Lines he mastered the choice of colors from childhood, when drawing and coloring were one of his few cherished hobbies, although his family did not welcome his orientation towards architecture and design, but they soon began to support him, when this child turned into a boy who loves details, which the more it sinks into … Read more

Hall decorations with luxurious touches | Ms. Magazine

With the end of the year, there are plenty of invitations and gatherings with family and friends in homes to welcome the New Year in a festive and joyful atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the decoration of the reception halls through some additions that are in line with the fashion of … Read more

Hard and soft decoration materials in 2023

The American artist Theaster Gates (1973), whose installation works are distributed in various museums and galleries around the world, says that “it’s not about materials, but about our ability to shape things.” In the “deconstruction” of the saying, it becomes clear that whatever the characteristics of any raw material, the worker must adapt it to … Read more

Designer Amal Al-Faqih: Needs are more important than wants in the world of decoration

With confident and steady steps, Saudi interior designer Amal Al-Faqih began her career in the world of design. She is passionate about her work, likes challenges and likes to pay attention to the smallest details. She knows the client’s needs well. and draw her designs accordingly, and this is what sets her apart from her … Read more

Businesswoman and interior designer Asma Turki: Young Saudi women are rising to the top

An entrepreneur and interior designer, she took excellence as her motto in her work, which led her to creativity. Combining talent, study and different civilizations and cultures, she offers incredible artistic designs and a unique modern mix. It is driven by a great passion and a beautiful dream to implement major national projects, of which … Read more

British designer Nikki Biesecker: The interior design profession was written for me!

Nikki Bisiker is the owner and chief creative director of Nikki Bisiker Interiors; The British-born designer thinks she could never think of another career, saying that interior design was meant for her! In the following dialogue, Nikki Biesecker talks to “” about her background and philosophy in the world of interior design.__ British designer Nikki … Read more