Designer Anas Al-Ameem: My jewelry carries eloquent messages about feelings and human issues

Kuwaiti jewelry designer Anas Al-Ameem studied architecture and the history, theories and philosophy of architectural design at Kuwait University in the Faculty of Architecture, earning a master’s degree in architectural design, then a doctorate in architecture. A design line to follow?!.. The answer to all this is in the text of the interview that “Madam” … Read more

Designer Yara Tlass: Our unique story and message stands out for us

Dubai-based young Syrian label Asfour uSfuur, Yara Tlass, expresses freedom, peace and hope through her designs. This jewelry brand makes delicate gold necklaces, ankle straps, rings and bracelets, but they all have one thing in common: it is the recurring bird motif in their collections. By joining a grassroots organization called Myhomeland / Watanilli, the … Read more