One of them is on the list of the most influential in the Middle East. How did two young Egyptians lead a start-up company with investments worth 40 million dollars? | leadership

CairoDespite dozens of startups in Egypt and the Arab region, there seems to be a digitization gap in the category of furniture, home and living, so the Egyptian youth Ibrahim Mohamed decided to use his previous experiences in the field of e-commerce to break into this. market, exceeding $60 billion in the Middle East and … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Under the directives of Mohammed bin Rashid.. Hamdan bin Mohammed launches an integrated housing plan to provide 15,800 homes for citizens in Dubai over the next 4 years

– Inspect housing projects worth 1.7 billion dirhams in Al Warqa’a and Al Khawaneej II. – Hamdan bin Mohammed: – The citizens’ housing file is supervised by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and I follow it myself with my brother Sheikh Maktoum. – The goal will not be to provide only housing for citizens, … Read more

All you need to know about how to invest in a startup | leadership

Investing in start-ups is no longer the preserve of high-net-worth individuals with high investment capacity, thanks to the boom in crowdfunding over the past decade, as startups contribute to the economy at scale as well as generate returns for investors. In a report published by the American “Forbes Advisor” website, author Joe Groves said that … Read more

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Riaad Newspaper | Wise leadership .. anticipates crises and addresses needs

Wise leadership .. anticipates crises and addresses needs Researchers and specialists have praised the royal decree to allocate 20 billion riyals of financial support to deal with the effects of rising prices worldwide, based on what His Highness the Crown Prince – may God protect him – has raised, with knowledge of the leadership’s zeal … Read more