Flowers speak with our tongue.. How are they chosen at events and life situations? | Lifestyle

Amman- Flowers enjoy an eminent position among many people, old and new, and each flower has a meaning and significance, in addition to its captivating beauty and its fragrant fragrance that penetrates the heart the moment you see it. Different flowers can express what is in the individual’s mind, so it is sometimes considered a … Read more

A study warns: lack of sleep makes you selfish, disinclined to help anyone | Lifestyle

“The world sleeps badly,” was the title of a report published late last year by the German health magazine Medisana, which declared that “bad sleep has become a nightmare for the world.” In Germany alone, 34 million people suffer from permanent sleep disorders, About a third of workers feel tired and unable to concentrate. Almost … Read more

Najran University giant projects that keep pace with the Kingdom’s vision

The president of Najran University, dr. Abdulrahman bin Ibrahim Al-Khudairi, sent his congratulations to Prince Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed – Governor of the Najran Region – on the occasion of the Royal Trust of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and His His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad … Read more

The hotel show in Riyadh highlights Saudi Arabia’s position in the hospitality and tourism industry

The Saudi Hotel Show, the Kingdom’s largest event for hospitality professionals, will take place from 6-8 September at the Riyadh International Conference and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition will highlight the latest developments in the hospitality industry. The high rates of travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for religious, recreational and medical purposes have created … Read more

Golf News – Dr. Al-Arid: “Information Systems” graduation projects at the University of Bahrain stem from the community and reflect the students’ academic performance

Homepage sweeteners Dr.. Al-Arid: “Information Systems” graduation projects at the University of Bahrain stem from the community and reflect the students’ academic performance Including a platform for research and development of the activities of the academic department and a program for memorizing the Qur’an Friday 29 July 2022, 15:53 The head of the Department of … Read more

How do we harness the capabilities of digital transformation to improve student success?

Raad Nawras, Director of Communications and Education Sectors at Dell Technologies, Saudi Arabia, emphasized that the education sector is going through a crucial and sensitive phase as schools and universities across the region and the world in general undergo a major transformation in educational see models. , as they begin to provide one-of-a-kind educational models … Read more

He came to me and liked it, I wish I knew what he said!

The most expensive poetic testimony I found was in the form of a “speech” sent by the creator and critic Muhammad Al-Suhaimi to the great composer Nasser Al-Saleh, asking him to compose a text that I wrote, titled: (Cold and Fog ).. And the story is that after I finished a short, light text on … Read more

331 jobs available for Iraqis in Saudi Arabia

The General Authority for Foreign Trade and the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council have identified 331 occupations available for private sector institutions to bring in talent and labor from the Republic of Iraq. This came in the context of a letter received by the Federation of Saudi Chambers from the General Authority for Foreign Trade, in which … Read more

How do you build strong boundaries with people you can’t embarrass? | Lifestyle

We cannot always cut off a relationship with someone who oversteps his bounds in dealing with us, as he is either a relative of your husband or wife, a co-worker, or a member of your family, who joins you encourage in advance to build healthy boundaries in coping, and stick to looking after your psychological … Read more