A turn and a course change.. | Rum Pens | Rum News Agency

rum – Engineer Adel Basbous The Netherlands course marked an important turning point in my professional life… It shifted my interest from the technical and engineering aspects of housing to the planning and evaluation aspects of the sector as a whole… I got Ing. Meet Youssef Hiasat, Director. General of the Housing Corporation on my … Read more

Check out.. the most beautiful harmonious interior colors for your home design • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al Marsad newspaper: “The best rooms are those that have a story to tell about their occupants,” says English interior designer David Hicks. This quote undoubtedly expresses a simple truth that raises profound aesthetic questions! In other words, does interior design show the difference and uniqueness of your home? And if so, how? When you … Read more

The oldest computer in the world is 2,200 years old.. The story of the mysterious Greek “Antickythera machine”

Off the Greek island of Antikythera, divers have found a shipwreck containing a unique treasure: the world’s oldest computer, or what has become known among scientists as the “Antikythera Machine”. Probably designed 2,200 years ago, this device is the size of a shoebox and performs complex astronomical calculations. Although this device was discovered in 1901, … Read more

PANET | Tips for designing a modern and practical kitchen

Public Relations: The modern Israeli house building and architectural design has undergone many changes. The most prominent of these changes is to make the kitchen and salon an open space (Open Space), So that the kitchen, living room and dining area merge with each other. The open space building requires us to design an appropriate, … Read more

The draft investment law .. the ambiguity of privileges and the cycle of formation of committees | book of ammon

In the midst of extraordinary economic conditions that Jordan has not seen during the years of its statehood, which has just begun its second centenary, the debt, which is more than one hundred and ten percent of the gross domestic product in billions, has exceeded fifty, and unemployment that has exhausted and irritated the sleep … Read more

The boom in oil revenues .. “the last chance” for the Gulf countries | Economy

AMMAN – The rise in oil revenues from the Gulf after its price hike this year represents the “last chance” for these countries to benefit from these funds, before the world reduces its dependence on fossil fuels, according to a report by The Economist. The magazine published a report explaining the potential spending aspects of … Read more

Iskan Misr Newspaper | The Faculty of “Information Technology” at Misr University of Science and Technology.. a comprehensive building to meet the needs of the labor market in artificial intelligence

/ 66583/ Faculty of Information Technology at Misr University of Science and Technology A comprehensive building to meet the needs of the labor market in artificial intelligence 18:56 – Tuesday 2 August 2022 The Faculty of Information Technology at the Misr University of Science and Technology is one of the most important colleges of technology, … Read more

Selling stars to rival teams.. Manchester City from “the last billion, Sheikh” to profits from transfers!

Manchester City does not feel threatened by the departure of its stars to rival teams in the league When the name Manchester City is associated with the transfer market under any circumstances or name, we all remember the “money” that the team spent to make its recent history, or it is possible to remember that … Read more

PANET | They killed him and killed the dreams of his bride | The father of the murdered Nasrawi: “Our society is decadent.”

About twenty days before the celebration of his betrothal to the bride, with whom he built palaces of beautiful dreams.. the young Nasrawi groom Ahmed Fakhoury was killed and everything beautiful was killed dream to.. The murdered young man, Ahmed Al-Fakhouri, is another victim of crime that ravages our society and preys on its victims, … Read more

The leaders and scouts of the Mecca youth scouts appreciate and confirm the Kingdom’s efforts to serve the pilgrims .. we were honored to serve the pilgrims after the Corona pandemic

A number of Mecca youth scout leaders and hikers participating in the Hajj this year through the Hajj Pilgrim Service Centers of the Ministry of Sport and the public service camps of the Saudi Arabian Scout Association, rafting companies and many civic and voluntary organizations hajj the success of this year’s Hajj the facilities that … Read more