Designer Mirna Johari: Luxury and attention to style is an important part of Arab culture

Mirna Johari, a Lebanese fashion designer, creates high-end dresses and wedding dresses for the confident, elegant and showy girl. Her designs have captured the admiration of audiences around the world, as her clothes have been worn by women from the Middle East, the Gulf, as well as from Europe and Africa. We get to know … Read more

Kuwaiti businesswoman Fatima Al-Rashoud: With will and determination, life’s shocks can be overcome

Kuwait Fatima Saqr Al-Rashoud, who has a BA in Accounting from Kuwait University, has worked in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance for 17 years, and her practical experience has made her among the first accounting names in Kuwait, the Gulf and worldwide; She was registered in the register of the Special Authority for Auditors of … Read more

Author Shaima Issa Al-Watani: The woman in the Bahraini story has an excellent presence

A writer and writer, she has won a number of local and Golf awards, most notably the first place award in the Sharjah Culture Competition for Golf Women. During her successful career, she has created many books that differ between novel and story, and her works have been translated into Spanish and English. Bahraini Shaima … Read more