How do you react to your child when he says to you “I hate you and I do not want you in my life”? | Mirror

Beirut – Some mothers experience problems with their children and complain about annoying and hurtful expressions, and they do not know how to handle this situation to prevent it from recurring. In any case, no matter how unacceptable the child’s behavior is due to negative feelings, anger or excessive emotion, the mother should remain the … Read more

Jordan Hanan Abu Othman is the first female graduate of the rank of “Steman of the High Seas” | Mirror

Aqaba-Jordan: From the Aqaba Center for Maritime Education and Training at Al-Balqa Applied University, Hanan Azmi Abu Othman, in her thirties, was able to register her name as the first Jordanian woman to hold the highest marine certificate “Steman of the High Seas” in the Kingdom. Al Jazeera Net interviewed Captain Hanan, dr. Hassan Rafee … Read more

Smartphones steal our children .. 5 reasons not to buy them for your children | Mirror

Technology has invaded every part of our lives and in many cases made this life easier and more efficient, but it has also created many problems, and smartphones have become part of this technological revolution that has become an essential thing in our lives. So what is the impact of these phones on our children … Read more

What are your child’s motives for stealing or lying? How do you handle him? | Mirror

At an early age, the mother may discover unpleasant behaviors of her young child, ranging from stealing to lying to indifference when she talks to him and tries to direct his behavior. The mother may be shocked by that behavior that she considers rare, and deal with it in wrong ways that aggravate the matter. … Read more

From the mother of the internet to the inventor of Wi-Fi .. 5 women who changed the face of the world forever | Mirror

In its latest data, the International Telecommunication Union stated that only 30% of technology professionals worldwide are women. According to a study prepared by Deloitte Global, only 23% of women work in the information technology and computer sector in the United States. Only 19% of women graduate in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, … Read more

Doha International Family Institute Executive Director: Qatar’s investment in children brings long-term profits | Mirror

The Doha International Family Institute plays a key role in its studies to support children and improve human capabilities by implementing policies specifically designed to promote learning and community protection. DohaThe Executive Director of the Doha International Institute for the Family, dr. Sharifa Al-Emadi, stressed that the institute plays a key role through its studies … Read more