Get the HUAWEI nova Y70 with ultra-fast charging technology and the most powerful battery in its class

Tuesday 30 August 2022 16:51 Regardless of the way you evaluate the mobile phone before buying it, the prices of flagship phones are no longer within the reach of many mobile phone lovers, which has contributed to the creation of new opportunities that the phones of the economy category can take advantage of, especially because … Read more

Are electric vehicles more expensive than gas-powered cars?

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The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities meets with investors to discuss boosting the flow of inbound tourism

Tuesday 16 August 2022 21:12 Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Issa, today, Tuesday, held an extensive meeting, at the ministry’s headquarters in Zamalek, with a number of tourist investors to discuss preparations for the winter tourism season, in an effort to stem the influx of incoming tourist traffic to Egypt, in the presence of … Read more

Samsung launches Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro watches with smart features and advanced features to improve users’ daily healthy habits

Samsung Electronics has announced the new generation of Galaxy Watches, Look 5 And the Watch5 Pro to promote the healthy habits of users, as the Galaxy Watch works Look 5 To improve the features that users rely on on a daily basis, while the Galaxy Watch Watch5 Pro The latest addition to the Galaxy Watch … Read more

Learn about hidden iPhone tricks

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How do you do it.. How to make Windows 10 and 11 like version 7

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5 misconceptions about cybersecurity that harm the work of companies

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The sports sector..enters the virtual world through its wide door

The marketing industry is currently pinning its hopes on the world of “Metaverse”, as brands and their agencies continue to hope that “Metaverse” will bring transformative capabilities to almost every sector, according to the Emirati statement. What about the sports sector, which has recently seen an increasing number of digital events, increasing the enthusiasm of … Read more

How do drones and robots help in dealing with forest fires?

Global experts are calling on countries to meet their zero-zero targets and stop climate change, which has a major impact on the recent wave of wildfires, as rising temperatures cause more moisture to evaporate from the soil, drying out soil and plant growth make more resilient. Flammable if its spark is ignited. According to the … Read more

Cosmetics enter the world of “Metaverse”.. Know the details

Beauty brands have recently devoted their efforts to adapting to the digital world known as metaverse, with virtual experiences, product purchases with cryptocurrency and avatar creation. Although the industry is largely rooted in sensory experiences and physical therapy, experts believe that what this space lacks in terms of the senses can be made up for … Read more