Can Alwaleed bin Talal maintain his dominance in his investment kingdom in the future?

Is the prince, who was the international front for Saudi investment, unable to lead the scene alone? Over the years, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars by investing in various companies, including Citigroup, Uber and Twitter, with almost complete independence. However, informed sources said the Saudi public investment … Read more

Saudi Arabia uses “golf” to whiten its reputation

The Observer newspaper said the Saudi regime, which he described as brutal, was trying to tarnish its reputation by using sports through the new “golf” league recently launched by Riyadh, while making no effort spared to help him with that. And the newspaper said in its editorial that Riyadh was paying money to the “rebel” … Read more

Saudi Arabia splits world of golf and causes a rift with the most coveted body for the game due to the new “Live Golf” Championship

The LIV Golf Championship, which is being held today, Thursday in the British capital, is causing a heated debate and a great deal of division between professional golfers and the American Professional Golf Association (PGA Tour), due to the desire of big names in the game to to participate in the Saudi-funded tournament, despite the … Read more