Stunning reflections in mirrors for contemporary interior spaces

The mirror is honest, transparent and reflects beauty and ugliness, as both of them represent faces in nature, and they expose the imperfections of the face and body.. Whether they are small in size or large, the mirror finds a place for it in every home, and it performs several functions in interior decoration, especially … Read more

Engineer Shad Askari: My goal is to print the design work with a specific identity

The dialogue with the interior designer, Shad Askari, is not without depth. The latter carries historical and philosophical charges about design, and he looks forward to the region being one of the pioneers of design in the world in the near future. Between Sweden, Italy and the Emirates, a military man of Kurdish origin has … Read more

Luxury hotel suite bedroom

Good choice of materials, textures and colors is the starting point for designing a bedroom that looks like a luxury hotel suite. In this context, Seema Ahmed Al-Mansoori, the architect, interior designer and CEO of IFA Interior Design Company, looked at specific points to make the bedroom luxurious and comfortable, simulating spending time in a … Read more

In accordance with the interior decoration.. Advanced methods of sound insulation

Whether it is related to the location of the house, on the public road, where traffic is heavy, or the multiplicity of activities of the residents of the house at the same time, which means that one of them studies his lessons while the other ‘ hold an “online” meeting, and the third watches TV, … Read more

Children’s bedroom designs that give young children pleasure, fun and interest

Good coordination of the space that the child occupies to sleep, play and study is effective in making him spend most of the time in it, especially since the aforementioned place is an attractive space that offers him comfort and safety. The design must therefore meet the needs and requirements of its occupant, regardless of … Read more

Its psychological effects are wonderful.. The common colors of the year in children’s bedrooms

International interior designers and furniture manufacturers focus on the colors chosen for children’s rooms and play spaces for this age group, due to the strong emotional effect of colors on them. According to Canadian-based interior design engineer Dania Farhat, who specializes in decorating children’s interior spaces, colors can play a role in stimulating or calming … Read more

Bedroom decorating trends in winter 2022

The difficult conditions of the epidemic have dominated the world for the past two years and still are, so that houses have become shelters for their inhabitants, which has shown an increasing interest in interior design, and how to transform houses into comfortable oases to escape from reality fraught with anxiety. In this context, it … Read more

Contemporary Bedroom Decorations | Ms. Magazine

The bedroom is an essential space in the house. Therefore, the design takes into account the function of the aforementioned place, i.e. to give its occupant comfort and tranquility, through decorations of well-thought-out colors. In this context, madam, interior designer Nada Shehab, looks at the modern colors that calm the feature of the master bedroom. … Read more

Interior Designer Dara Emad Khader: A woman’s imagination has a kind of beautiful madness

Since her childhood, she has been passionate about arranging the house and changing the decor in it from time to time… She remembers in her childhood that childish imagination that called her to plan her first design for the room she created with her sister part , and gave it to the carpenter to become … Read more

Dark red is a touch of luxury in the home

Red is currently the dominant color in more than one field, and the passion for it has expanded to include home decorations for the year 2022. Color in general is the most prominent influence in the communication process, and for this reason there is no escaping that red is included in accessories, furniture and home … Read more