3 weeks after his arrest.. Indian authorities release Muslim journalist Muhammad Zubair on bail (video) | Muslim minorities news

The Indian authorities on Wednesday evening released the prominent Indian journalist Muhammad Zubair, after a three-week arrest, against the background of a tweet that the Muslim journalist published 4 years ago, in which he criticized the violation of the rights of the Muslim minority in India. According to local media, India’s Supreme Court has ordered … Read more

Muhammad Zubair .. A broad campaign of solidarity with a Muslim journalist arrested by Indian authorities (video) | Muslim minorities news

Video duration 08 minutes 49 seconds 08:49 29/6/2022–|Last updated: 29/6/202212:14 (Mecca) A state of anger has erupted on social media platforms in India after the Indian capital police, New Delhi, arrested a journalist Muhammad Zubair, a prominent figure in the fight against Islamophobia, who is accused of insulting religious beliefs. Twitter announced. Journalist and activist … Read more