3 educational institutions and 49 programs in the Kingdom receive academic accreditation

The Education and Training Evaluation Commission, represented by the National Center for Evaluation and Academic Accreditation “Etimad”, approved 3 educational institutions and (49) academic programs during the third quarter of 2022 AD, while two programs did not receive program accreditation from the Commission . , noting that the results of accreditation visits It took place … Read more

Riyadh Newspaper | The construction boom is boosting the $24.13 billion demand for interior design services in the Kingdom

The construction boom is boosting the $24.13 billion demand for interior design services in the Kingdom Index Saudi Arabia, the leading trade event for interior design in the Kingdom, will take place from 6-8 September at the Riyadh International Conference and Exhibition Centre. INDEX Saudi Arabia is an ideal platform to get interior design requirements … Read more

Focus, meditation and optimism.. your weapons to overcome stress

There are many sources of tension in a person that make him in a state of mental preoccupation, and the psychologist Nasser Al-Rashed said that the desire for idealism can sometimes be a source of tension. About idealism, many of the human orientations in life and the way he deals with various situations in his … Read more

An elderly family reveals details of the murder of their son, Amer, by means of his sons, and rejects them

homeland: An Omari family in the town of Ujja in the Jenin governor, whose son Amer was killed a few days ago, issued a crime that was revealed after his son turned himself in to the police and admitted has that he killed his father. The family of the murdered Amer Radi Omariya, specifically his … Read more

“Deep Vic” is a terrifying technology that threatens the world of politics and art. What do you know about it?

One of the techniques that is very dangerous without any real benefit is deepfake technology Also called deepfake technology, the term deepfake refers to a software manipulation technique to form a group of fake photos and videos of a person in a professional manner. Learn more about deep technology by following these rules. What is … Read more

Cyprus .. the island of legends like you have never known it before .. 40 minutes drive from Ben Gurion Airport

The island of Cyprus offers its visitors a wonderful nature and charming views that captivate the eyes of those who watch it. Everything here looks beautiful, calm and harmonious, its weather, its sun, its sea, its fields. Photography by Bennett website and Panorama newspaper And its flowers .. in which the picturesque nature swings on … Read more

“Islamic Cooperation Conference” calls for activating the role of women and youth in mediation efforts – Saudi Arabia News

Last night (Monday) the work of the Fourth Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Mediation “Experiences and Prospects”, organized by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, on 5 June closed -6 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During the conference sessions, the speakers … Read more

Europe … at the gates of “regression” – Saudi news

With the onset of summer, a season in which the new Corona virus was previously idle, the countries of the European continent are preparing for the possibilities of intensifying preventive measures, due to the high number of new infections and deaths, in Portugal and Germany, due to the acceleration of the outbreak of the BA.5 … Read more

Protectors of public money enter the speculation line with land acquired from the Marrakesh community at 100 dirhams per square meter. 24: Pressure B

The Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Funds has entered into the speculative line of land obtained from the Marrakesh community at 100 dirhams per square meter, and offered it for sale instead of implementing the project according to which the land in the prestigious winter quarter of Marrakesh was given away, at a … Read more