The oldest computer in the world is 2,200 years old.. The story of the mysterious Greek “Antickythera machine”

Off the Greek island of Antikythera, divers have found a shipwreck containing a unique treasure: the world’s oldest computer, or what has become known among scientists as the “Antikythera Machine”. Probably designed 2,200 years ago, this device is the size of a shoebox and performs complex astronomical calculations. Although this device was discovered in 1901, … Read more

A hotel inside a “silo”! Would you like to spend a night in one of the strangest and most exciting hotels in the world?

When choosing a hotel for a summer holiday or annual holiday, most people look for fairly standard options, such as an excellent location in nature or near the sea with good Wi-Fi, a delicious breakfast and perhaps a swimming pool or spa. However, some hotels around the world have adopted unique and innovative ideas in … Read more

He was buried in a coffin lined to prevent radiation leakage! The golfer who was treated with radium by his doctor, and his jaw fell out

Eben Byers was a well-known socialite in American circles, who led an enviable life. He studied in the best schools and got a brilliant future on a silver platter, how could he not? He is the son of the wealthy industrialist Alexander Byers. In his youth, his promising talent appeared in the field of golf, … Read more

The size of one of them is equivalent to 3 football fields combined.. the largest 9 war submarines in the world

The use of submarines in naval warfare was common, especially during the World War period, but submarines at the time were manually operated, and were very slow, until the launch of the first nuclear-powered submarines, named USS Nautilus, in 1955. . Since then, these attack ships have become among the deadliest tools of war, due … Read more