Issues and opinions (3 – About love and its lust)

Stand by the notes Enough of the fitna of the fire of your cheek And make your scabbard a truce Accidents don’t cover you And protect the virtues of hearts He doesn’t owe her your soldiers I looked at you with apathy And you didn’t wait for your limits Top Canna novels What was your … Read more

We also do not live the life of the unbelievers or the life of the righteous worshipers !!!!!

I received this photo yesterday, in which two non-Muslims are trying to convince Muslims that their actions are causing suffering, pain and disaster to their society, and that it is better for us to stop exploiting the weakness of others or to blackmail the others. and you talk about grace and we saw nothing but … Read more

A failed assassination attempt on the medical laboratories in Sanaa

After eight years of continuous suffering for the Yemenis as a result of the coup against the Yemeni state on 21 September 2014 and the militias’ invasion of Sana’a University and turning it into the possession of a Tamer and ending and destroying it without a supervisor or liability or a clue, it was in … Read more