The most prominent questions and leaks about the new iPhone 14 | technology

It is abundant in this period and before the launch of the company “Apple” (Apple) the latest version of its smartphones; Rumors and leaks about the specifications of the new device, and with the imminent launch date of “iPhone 14” on the seventh of this September, leaks have spread about its benefits, including what is … Read more

Get the HUAWEI nova Y70 with ultra-fast charging technology and the most powerful battery in its class

Tuesday 30 August 2022 16:51 Regardless of the way you evaluate the mobile phone before buying it, the prices of flagship phones are no longer within the reach of many mobile phone lovers, which has contributed to the creation of new opportunities that the phones of the economy category can take advantage of, especially because … Read more

Google Pixel Buds Pro .. Can it compete with Apple and Samsung headphones? | technology

Google launched the Pixel Buds wireless headset during 2018, but it could not compete with the big names in this category of devices, and in addition to the Pixel Buds A series wireless headset, the American company launched the model Pixel Buds Pro in collaboration with the launch of the Pixel 6a smartphone. Here’s a … Read more

How does blockchain technology work? | technology

Blockchain is defined as a distributed database shared between computer network devices, where each device is called a “node” and information is stored on more than one “node” at the same time. The “blockchain” appeared in 1991 with the aim of preventing the manipulation of time stamps, and in 1998 it was first used in … Read more

Helping Students Succeed .. How Data Changed the Undergraduate Experience | technology

Many universities and colleges rely on apps and analytics to attract students and propel them into their careers after graduation, and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an urgent need to use analytics as a tool for universities to help students to support outside the classroom. In an article published in the American Wall Street … Read more

Huawei shows the latest energy solutions at The Solar Show

Deng: Huawei’s energy solutions support the country’s efforts to digitize energy and access a mix of electricity generation from different sources Deng: Egypt is a promising market in the field of solar energy, thanks to its strategic location and potential that qualifies it to become a major regional energy center. Cairo Huawei Technologies, the world … Read more

Ways to monitor employees.. Does it increase productivity or eliminate privacy? | technology

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