The coolest 7 destinations and places to spend the UAE day break

(MENAFN- Timi Property) Take a well-deserved break on the UAE National Day, which coincides with the long weekend, and book your accommodation now, whether inside or outside the country, and enjoy great last-minute holiday deals. From the heart of the UAE to the tranquil bliss of the Maldives, to the tropical hideaway of Mauritius, to … Read more

Dubai Real Estate increases its attractiveness with innovative projects and facilities

Date 23/11/2022 18:00:50 (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) Cityscape Dubai 2022, which concluded its activities yesterday, witnessed the launch of a package of new real estate projects, and the event recorded a wide turnout of visitors. In statements to the “Economic Statement”, officials of real estate companies confirmed that development companies have become more innovative in offers and project … Read more

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City offers students of interior design and…

(MENAFN- Hkstrategies) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 23 June 2022: Within the collaboration between Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City and Abu Dhabi University, the students of interior design at the university had the opportunity to learn and apply their skills and their creativity to express , by creating and implementing their perceptions in the interior design … Read more

A hotel inside a “silo”! Would you like to spend a night in one of the strangest and most exciting hotels in the world?

When choosing a hotel for a summer holiday or annual holiday, most people look for fairly standard options, such as an excellent location in nature or near the sea with good Wi-Fi, a delicious breakfast and perhaps a swimming pool or spa. However, some hotels around the world have adopted unique and innovative ideas in … Read more

He was buried in a coffin lined to prevent radiation leakage! The golfer who was treated with radium by his doctor, and his jaw fell out

Eben Byers was a well-known socialite in American circles, who led an enviable life. He studied in the best schools and got a brilliant future on a silver platter, how could he not? He is the son of the wealthy industrialist Alexander Byers. In his youth, his promising talent appeared in the field of golf, … Read more

“Investment environment” as a matter of urgency before the House of Representatives on Monday

(MENAFN- Amman Net) It is expected that in its session on Monday morning, the House of Representatives will refer four bills that the government referred to the Council at the end of last week to its competent committees. The Speaker of the Council, Abdul Karim Al-Daghmi, issued an attachment to the agenda of the first … Read more

Major-General: It appears that the strong Maronite president’s statement effectively fell after the failure of all previous experiments

Nearly 80 years after the Maronite tradition was dedicated to the presidency, it seems that the strong Maronite president’s argument has effectively fallen after the failure of all previous experiences since independence, at least, to this day. What is meant by the strong president is the president who has become popular and trusted in the … Read more

Have you heard of the “ventilating chair” George Washington purchased? .. This is how people got rid of the heat before the invention of air conditioners

When temperatures exceed 40 in many Arab countries, many no doubt realize the importance of the invention that changed our lives and made summer less harsh than it was in the old days. Yes, we’re talking about “air conditioners” that many of us cannot do without in these days, but have you ever wondered what … Read more