Electronic bookshelf, flash memory takes revenge on the big eyes

Bloomsbury’s, in London and New York, published a beautiful series of books with the funny title, Lessons of Things. Each book deals with a subject, or something, that no one usually thinks to discuss or write about. These are some of the addresses: door handle, remote control, glass, silence, refrigerator, password, bread, cigarette lighter, quilt…etc… … Read more

When the money man becomes the “artist’s man” … is the culture different?

Among the controversial issues and confusion on Facebook, the enthusiasm of some beauties and stars, to marry a rich, “painted” businessman, lavish and full, and perhaps the owner of the yacht, private plane, villa or palace, so the definition of the man becomes “the artist’s husband,” or the man married to the artist or the … Read more

MP Mneimneh confronts the Association of Banks: The struggle to lift banking secrecy

From the beginning, it was no secret to anyone that the Association of Banks and those in its orbit were resentful of the idea of ​​amending the Bank Secrecy Act, according to the decree of the draft law to which the government referred before the election. the Parliament. This amendment, which is required by the … Read more

Hamas, not realizing its position

Hamas supporters defend the movement’s political choices by listing the challenges it faces and complex circumstances, so it organizes its relations and priorities based on the opportunities and capabilities it offers to face the Israeli occupation, and it expects everyone’s understanding of this. Based on this, Hamas has established its strong ties with Iran and … Read more