A new acne treatment is slowly spreading around the world

Clascuterone is the first real breakthrough in the treatment of acne, after several decades during which anti-aging treatments for this skin disease were not developed… And while the promising treatment began to be used in the United States a few months ago, the timing of its availability in the rest of the world is still … Read more

Decoding the last codes .. Completing the first map of the human genome! | Science and Technology | The latest discoveries and studies of DW Arabic | DW

Scientists today, Thursday, April 1, published the first complete map of the human genome, completing the shortcomings in previous efforts, while offering new hope in the field of scientific research for evidence of mutations, disease-causing mutations, and genetic diversity among the 7.9 billion people inhabiting the world. In 2003, researchers revealed what was then described … Read more

Health care: regulation of “telemedicine” is a guarantee for patient and doctor safety

Ashraf Ismail, chair of the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Monitoring, stressed the importance of developing a sound regulatory and legal framework for “telemedicine” practices, which has become a fait accompli through information technology and the Covid-19 crisis was imposed, which demonstrated. the urgent need to maintain the safety of the patient and the … Read more