Will the rising cost of living change the level of demand for housing in Britain?

Under the headline ‘The Big Split in Britain’s Housing Wealth’, the Financial Times questioned the total value of all UK homes and said estimates could vary by the individual trillion, or so, depending on who is doing the calculations, but the summer property portal Zubla I put the figure at 10 trillion pounds ($11.6 trillion) … Read more

Balmoral… the “fortified” castle of memories except of death

Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96, after a long journey in which she ruled Britain for 70 years. And the royal family in Britain rushed to be next to the queen this Thursday morning, the eighth of September, after doctors expressed concern about her health and … Read more

English country style is a world of fairytale warmth

The architecture of many English country houses dates back to the Victorian era and earlier, and some traditional houses are also centuries older over the past 50 years in the UK. This aesthetic movement adopts the slogan “More Is More”, since the rustic style is not suitable for those who like to reduce and limit … Read more

“Run and Hide” a New Indian Creed by Pankaj Mishra

Since his first novel, The Romantics, won a Times Prize in 2000 and was translated into eleven languages, Indian author Pankaj Mishra has not published a work of fiction. And here he returns two decades later, observing India’s rapid and astonishing development in his second novel, Run and Hide, published by Hutchinson Heinemann Publishing. Mishra … Read more

Follow these scientific tips to beat the summer heat

Carrying out daily tasks in a very hot house becomes very difficult in the summer, and even into the night, good hours of sleep become uncomfortable on hot and humid nights, while investing in easy ways and measures to reduce the temperature in the home and creates a feeling of comfort and refreshment throughout the … Read more

The American Jack Kerouac explores his depths by writing his dreams

In the preface to his experimental novel The Book of Dreams, the American writer Jack Kerouac, pioneer of the Beat Generation or House Generation, warns us that we are about to read a handful of dreams written by themselves, as soon as he wakes up. And many times, even before he awoke, she wrote with … Read more

Can people be protected from theft of their genetic information?

A few days before the start of the war in Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron refused to take a coronavirus test and sat at a distance from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Similarly, German Chancellor Olaf Schultz refused to test in Russia, but the fact is that people leave behind their DNA everywhere from strands of … Read more

What are the passports Trump is accusing the FBI of seizing?

Former US President Donald Trump has not stopped raising dust on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice over the raid on his Florida home, as he accused the FBI of stealing three of his passports stole during his recent raid. This raises questions about what the three passports are, why … Read more

China’s real estate sector is fraught with risks as the market is flooded

Liu Hong and her parents own four houses in various cities across the Chinese mainland, three of which are unoccupied. The 36-year-old, who works as an auditor in Shanghai, bought an apartment in her hometown of Harbin in northern Heilongjiang province for 320,000 yuan ($47,500) 13 years ago. The apartment is two blocks from her … Read more

Prisoner escape operation raids the “garage” of the Palace of Justice in Beirut

Once again, the “Adliya Bridge” prison in Beirut returns to the fore, after a mass escape of prisoners, as it has become known for its lack of minimum human rights standards, and human rights defenders have long condemned the violations taking place there against Syria. refugees and migrant workers. Detained foreign women, especially as it … Read more