All You Need to Know About Trump’s “Truth Social” Platform | technology

Truth Social is a social media platform created by Trump Media & Technology Group, an American media and technology company founded in October 2021 by former US President Donald Trump. The Truth Social platform was the result of former US President Donald Trump’s suffering with the famous social media platforms, especially his favorite platform “Twitter”, … Read more

It supports bad and negative content and encourages idiots.. What are the weirdest contests in the world? What are the prizes given to the winners?

But there is another kind of award that not many people know about, and it is different in nature, value and purpose. As some of them have political or recreational ties and may not be in kind or tangible but rather only a title. But what is really interesting and most characteristic of these types … Read more

Mercedes-Maybach S 680 with specifications, prices and photos

We show you our most important and recent visitor news details Mercedes-Maybach S 680 with specifications, prices and photos in the following article Omar Shuwail – Jeddah Mercedes-Maybach is the latest and most important Mercedes for 2022 (Mercedes Maybach S 680), one of the developments of the S class, because it has some features of … Read more

Orange Jordan is holding an event as part of its partnership with the business sector :: Nabataeans

Nabateans – Orange Jordan held an event for the business sector in the Kingdom on 26-27 July, attended by 150 guests, as part of its extensive and effective partnership as a leading and responsible digital provider serving companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. enable to improve performance and efficiency through Orange’s advanced digital … Read more

Increasing the number of trainees of Minya in the field of fiber optic networks

Jeddah – Nermin El-Sayed – This came during the visit of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology to the Minya Governor to introduce and inspect a number of projects of the Ministry of Communications under the “Decent Life” initiative. Dr. Amr Talaat pointed out that the people of Minya governorate are the first to … Read more

The world of metaphysics.. what does the future hold for us? | technology

“There is no limit to reality except your imagination.. you can do what you want and appear as you want.. you can go anywhere, without leaving your place..” These phrases were mentioned by the hero Wade Watts, in his description of the virtual oasis in the science fiction novel. Ready Player One by American writer … Read more

Next Climate Conference faces the challenge of high-priced decarbonisation technology

Hamdi Abdullah – Cairo, Saturday 30 July 2022 02:22 – The world is facing many challenges in the green transition in the field of energy, especially in light of the climate change crisis that is increasing every day, but there is another important challenge that is the high price technology for decarbonization and work on … Read more

Orange Jordan sponsors the first national conference on cyber security :: The Nabateans

Nabateans – Orange Jordan sponsors the first national conference on cyber security Following its role as a leading and responsible digital provider, Orange Jordan sponsored the first national conference on cyber security, held by the Seventh Arts Company for Artistic Production and Distribution (A ONE TV) in collaboration with Luminus Technical University College, titled “Cyber​​​​Security … Read more

Dr.. Yasmine El Kashef writes: “Your bike is your life.” A youth initiative to promote tourism and national projects

/1967885/Dr-Yasmine-Kashef-You-write-your-bike-your-life-a-youth-initiative-to-promote-tourism-and-national-projects 11:03 – Saturday 30 July 2022 ►The initiative aims to introduce young people to the civilization of their country and spread the culture of cycling ►The founder of the initiative confirms: “Egypt is beautiful with its youth.” ► The initiative was able to organize a large number of celebrations and marathons in towns, cities … Read more

Good news.. a new treatment for acne

Tell me – Clasoteron is the first real breakthrough in the treatment of acne, after several decades during which treatments for this skin disease were not developed … And while the promising treatment started in the United States a few months ago, the timing of its availability in the rest of the world is still … Read more