Trump falls into the “tax trap” .. The New York attorney general accuses the former president and his sons of fraud and evasion .. And “Donald” responds: Laetitia is a “failure” and did not solve the state’s crimes in the faced

A new confrontation awaits US President Donald Trump with the authorities in the United States of America, this time caused by his tax files, specifically in the state of New York, where the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, has filed a lawsuit against him filed, along with 3 of his adult children and his commercial … Read more

Emirates Airlines and United are expanding their presence in the market with a new agreement

September 14, 2022 10:51 p.m Emirates Airlines and United announced that they have reached a historic partnership agreement that will expand their networks and allow their customers to easily access hundreds of new destinations, within the United States and around the world.From November 2022, Emirates customers traveling to Chicago, San Francisco and Houston, three of … Read more

The Hawaiian Islands… Tourist masterpieces from the mountain to the sea

Hawaii, an American state in the Pacific Ocean, is an archipelago bounded on all sides by water. The state is located in the southernmost United States, and consists of 137 islands (including 8 large islands); Note that Honolulu is the capital and largest city, and the state’s area is constantly increasing due to volcanic activity … Read more

Medvedev: The forces of NATO and the European Union against Russia are estimated at 350,000 people

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, confirmed today, Thursday, August 4, that the number of cyber forces of NATO and the European Union operating against Russia amounts to 350,000 people, and another 200,000 are hacker groups. Medvedev said: “In general, according to various sources, the number of NATO and EU cyber forces … Read more

US Senate approves $280 billion boost to chip industry

The US Senate on Wednesday approved a $280 billion bill aimed at boosting the semiconductor industry vital to modern technology to counter the competitive threat posed by China, the Wall Street Journal reported. According to the US newspaper, the vote reflects the “growing concern” of both parties that Washington will not take a “long-term response” … Read more

“There is no technology for apartheid.” Protesters storm the Amazon conference and refuse to sign a contract with Israel (video) | Political news

Protesters stormed the headquarters of a large Amazon conference in New York and protested against a contract the company had signed with Israel to transfer the Israeli database to cloud technology. Yesterday, Tuesday, the protesters stopped the keynote address at the Amazon summit at the Javits Center in Manhattan, to draw attention to Amazon’s contracts … Read more

Bold conservative … Who is the assassinated Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe? | Politics and Economy | In-depth analysis with a broader perspective from DW | DW

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe passed away on Friday (July 8, 2022) at the age of 67, the longest-serving Japanese prime minister and “perhaps the most polarizing politician in modern Japanese history,” as described by the Associated Press. Press. . Abe sought to pull the Japanese economy out of a chronic recession by adopting … Read more

Americans and their economy after the pandemic – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Americans and their economy after the pandemic Pessimism reigns over the U.S. economy, and Wall Street executives, usually optimistic, warn against “extremely high risks” of a recession, as Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein recently put it. And the president of Wells Fargo, a financial services company, claims the country is “undoubtedly” heading for a recession. And … Read more

Banking and intelligence robbery … North Korea is indispensable for “Lazarus”

Posted in: 02/06/2022 – 17:16 According to a report released by the international cyber security company ESET, the North Korean hacking group “Lazarus” has been conducting a large-scale electronic espionage operation on a large group of companies in the aviation and defense sectors around the world since 2020. . This hack illustrates the importance that … Read more