Towards the dismantling of the privilege of “banking secrecy”

Rola Ibrahim – News The amendment to the Bank Secrecy Act passed yesterday’s session of the Parliamentary Finance and Budget Committee fairly smoothly. It was confirmed that the judiciary, the Anti-Corruption Authority and the Tax Administration were given powers to lift bank secrecy for those involved in corruption cases without refers to the Banque du … Read more

Diplomatic, political, economic meetings in the Saraya and Miqati discussed the current situation and the demarcation of the border with Shea and Gryeo.

The caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati held a series of diplomatic and ministerial meetings at the Grand Serail today. In this context, he received the Ambassador of France, Anne Griot, En Griot, and held with her a horizon tour that dealt with the current situation in Lebanon and the region. chiaMikati also received the U.S. … Read more

The state boycotts the state, and Washington is committed to negotiations

day It has become clear from the cycle of recent days in Lebanon that the countries involved in monitoring its situation may be at a very difficult point in directing their demands and positions related to the constitutional rights that they face, or with regard to the reform demands that change into a fixed international … Read more

Lebanon slips hard into the dangers of the “read”!

day If the 16th anniversary of the July war this year coincided with the advancement of the maritime border demarcation file between Lebanon and Israel, as well as the start of a prominent tour of US President Joe Biden in the region starting today in Israel, accompanied by the American mediator in the demarcation file, … Read more

Paralysis proves the “caretaker” of the presidential era?

day The fourth consecutive day of political stalemate and paralysis witnessed the internal reality within the Eid al-Adha holiday, but also within the crisis data controlling the country, in which holidays do not differ from working days because the paralysis creeps into the production cycle. is no less fierce than political paralysis. If the caretaker … Read more

The collapse of services is driving the blockade of the government crisis

day It was not surprising or surprising that the phenomenon of cutting off main roads and roundabouts in the heart of Beirut, as in a number of areas, returned to protest the deteriorating living and service conditions in several important public and private sectors, at a time when new waves of collapse rushed against the … Read more

Customs dollar or no public sector

Rola Ibrahim – News As soon as public sector workers went on strike on June 13, Prime Minister Najib Mikati recalled a phrase used by the government when it deceived depositors and claimed the “sanctity of deposits”. Since then, that is, more than three weeks ago, Mikati has not moved a finger, but rather thrown … Read more

To expedite a government with a clear plan for rescue

The Metropolitan of Beirut and its Greek Orthodox Dependents, Archbishop Elias Audi, held the mass service at the St. George Cathedral in Beirut. After the Gospel he delivered a sermon in which he said: “Today’s Gospel begins with a reference to an important organ in the human body, which is the eye. The Lord our … Read more

A new government formation without rotation?

Raquel Ateeq – Republic Some believe that the formation of a new government is impossible in light of the current internal conditions and the regional and international conditions affecting the country, especially a few months before the presidential election, as the founding process in Lebanon is usually a several months before the government sees the … Read more

“Hezbollah”: to “try” to form their government.

Source: Republic Raquel antique The commissioning and authorship consultations have not yet taken a serious turn, unlike the stage that preceded the formation of previous governments, before the binding parliamentary consultations began. This, according to some, is due to the President of the Republic’s failure to determine the date of the consultations after the completion … Read more