Sources reveal to CNN that thousands of Ukrainians have been deported to Russia

(CNN) – 4 sources familiar with the latest Western intelligence told CNN that Russia is displacing thousands of Ukrainians from their country to remote areas of Russia. The sources pointed out that Russia had transferred hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians from so-called “liquidation camps” run by Russian intelligence officials in eastern Ukraine to Russia as … Read more

Does the world need a new global financial system? Crisis renewed demand

Dr. Salem Al Sheikh It is also said that knowing the past of things gives you the ability to assess their present … and that’s where I start. The Second World War is about to be decided in favor of the Allies, its fate becomes clear day by day, what is supposed to be after … Read more

Technology needs girls..but do you like technology for girls? | technology

Diversity is critical in technology as it enables organizations and companies in the public and private sectors to create better and safer products that meet the needs of society as a whole. a 2020 McKinsey report found that diversified companies perform better, have more engaged employees and retain more employees than companies that do not … Read more

Shadow banks. How do they threaten the global economy? | Economy

The British Financial Times has published an article discussing the expected threat to the global economy from the so-called shadow banks. Columnist Rocher Sharma said in the article that while the US Federal Reserve raises interest rates, debate is raging over whether this tightening cycle will lead to a recession or not. To explain that … Read more

Multi-unit franchising for beginners The shortest way to get rich quick | leadership

Smart franchisees know that multi-unit franchise ownership is the path to wealth. Surprisingly, multi-unit franchise ownership is less risky than single-unit stores. When an investor buys a single-unit franchise, he has bought a job for himself, but when an investor becomes an operator of a multi-unit franchise, he has built a wealth for himself. A … Read more

News website: O upcoming dawn !!

Abdul Salam Tarawneh Tell me – Sherine .. O Palestinian dawn rising from the womb of a nation slaughtered through oppression, tyranny, corruption and the hateful Nazi Nazi occupation .. Glory to Him who brought the living from the dead. and the light from the darkness !! Shireen..Oh, a Palestinian Arab Hussam who has always … Read more

Fantasy football, artificial intelligence and a question waiting to be answered | technology

The fantasy sports market is expected to grow globally from $ 20.36 billion in 2020 to $ 38.60 billion in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.7%, BusinessWire recently reported. Fantasy football – as the most famous and widespread game in the world – is taking the lion’s share, and it’s enough to … Read more

Review activity for parliamentary committees and the presence of the ministers of manpower and business sector on Sunday .. early retirement at the forefront of discussions .. and waste of public money in solar cells

You are now following the details of the news of the oversight activities of Parliament’s committees and the presence of the Ministers of Manpower and the Business Sector on Sunday..Early pension at the forefront of the discussions..Waste of public money in solar cells exclusively on our website Cairo on Saturday, 21 May 2022 22:48 – … Read more

The third generation of the web .. a new breakthrough for the world of business and privacy | leadership

In a report published by the American magazine “The National Interest”, authors Elif Nysa Polat and Evie Boldock said that many take the freedom that the Internet offers for granted, but that this is not the case for most of the world, even in many countries where privacy and internet freedom are believed to be … Read more