How to make your fiancé happy with you during your engagement?

For many people, the courtship period is the best period for acquaintance between the two partners, as the courtship period is considered the stage of preparation for premarital marriage, and it does not mean the countdown and parting of independence and celibacy. happiness and joy to his heart. Therefore, the fiancé should take advantage of … Read more

Have you heard of the “ventilating chair” George Washington purchased? .. This is how people got rid of the heat before the invention of air conditioners

When temperatures exceed 40 in many Arab countries, many no doubt realize the importance of the invention that changed our lives and made summer less harsh than it was in the old days. Yes, we’re talking about “air conditioners” that many of us cannot do without in these days, but have you ever wondered what … Read more

This is how the graduates of House of Wisdom High School in Nazareth draw the features of their future

Bait Al-Hikma Secondary School in Nazareth celebrated the graduation ceremony of a new group of students at the end of the week. About 231 male and female students graduated, amidst the presence and joy of the people Students, their families and friends.This cohort is considered to be the first to graduate under the supervision of … Read more