Celebrity scandals after the divorce is an ongoing show.. Details

Written by: Heba slave mercifully Why connected Noun celebrity Of stars the art and sports And thesocial media General with scandals especially after happen divorce, So we became We see and hear Over People they do slander swear in right other they were Yesterday near There is Relationship marriage bond between them, scandals accusations mutual … Read more

treasures| A message of condolence from Youssef Idris to Nizar Qabbani

On December 15, 1981, a violent explosion rocked the center of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and the heart of our grieving poet Nizar Qabbani was shaken. A car bomb targeted the Iraqi embassy building and leveled it. His wife and girlfriend “Bilqis” were among at least 60 martyrs under the rubble of the embassy, ​​from … Read more

From the bedroom to the execution chamber.. she killed her husband with the help of her lover

a girlfriend beauty with eyes wolf he went Stood up Mohammed, and he old in twenties Of the age, in cage accusation, within Hall court crimes the shortest, wander mind, remember his life that It was live it not apathetic any something Comfortable mind do not have clash worries on me his shoulders distance, remember … Read more

The summer season.. Concerts for the big stars of the Arab world.. Get to know them

Written by: Heba El Khouly The summer of 2022 will witness a bouquet of concerts presented by the great stars of music in the Arab world. End” in the North Coast, the Red Sea, October 6, Cairo and New Alamein, in the first summer season of 2022. The new city of El Alamein witnessed the … Read more

Financial market expert: June was the worst month for Arab stock exchanges in 20 years

Hanan Ramses, an expert on financial markets, said the transactions of the Arab stock exchanges at the end of the week and the end of June, which is the end of the half-year, were the weakest in performance in most Arab markets in more than 20 year. The financial markets expert continued that the decline … Read more

The director of “Not Me” sends a strongly worded message to Moez Masoud

Director Sarah Wafik posted a stern reaction on her personal Facebook page to Moez Masoud, Hala Shiha’s husband, following her statements against the movie “Mesh Ana” starring Tamer Hosni. The director of the movie “Not Me” Sarah Wafik commented: “Professor Moez, I am Sarah Wafik, director of the movie. I did not read your post, … Read more

“Digital Egypt” .. opens the door to future jobs

Written by: Hani Mubasher As part of the state’s efforts to improve the services provided to citizens, and to facilitate them President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced the launch of the “Digital Egypt” initiative, with the immediate start of the implementation of several of its programs to support digital transformation efforts for government performance, and to … Read more

Egypt begins … the administrative capital is a gateway to the “New Republic”

When it comes to a new capital, it must compete with its peers around the world or even in the region, and to achieve this, the political leadership decided to set a special milestone for the new republic, which The new administrative capital This city, which will be a milestone in Egypt’s modern history, was … Read more

Nancy Ajram reveals a surprise to her Egyptian fans: Waiting for “Sahih” next month

Dialogue: Muhammad Abdullah Lebanese star and singer Nancy Ajram has revealed that she is preparing a surprise for her Egyptian fans through a new song in the Egyptian dialect called “Sahsah”, which will be shown next month. Among the songs from her latest album, “Nancy 10”, written and composed by Nabil Khoury, and in her … Read more

The Sixth Forum for Information Technology Developers at Mansoura University kicks off

The activities of the Sixth Forum for Information Technology Developers at the Faculty of Computer and Information, Mansoura University, are today, Tuesday, under the auspices of dr. Ashraf Abdel Basit, President of the University, launched and led by dr. Mahmoud El- Meligy, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and dr. Ashraf Hafez, Vice … Read more