Molecular love letters in plants pave the way for the production of new types of hybrid crops | Sciences

Researchers have discovered the complex molecular processes that precede reproduction in flowering plants, and their results document a previously unknown molecular process that serves as a means of communication during fertilization. Researchers have discovered the complex molecular processes that precede the reproductive process in flowering plants, and their results document a previously unknown molecular process … Read more

US Institute for Economic Research: How Can China Be Economically Defeated? | Economy

Europe recently hosted a meeting of the Group of Seven Major Industrialized Countries amid the challenges of the Ukraine war and China’s growing assertiveness in Asia. Some of the ideas that have been put forward have remained at best half-finished, such as the “Partnership Initiative for Infrastructure and Global Investment” on which the administration of … Read more

Between abortion, gunfire, and same-sex marriage. How have Supreme Court rulings changed the lives of Americans? | Political news

California Do you have the right to life or the right to choose? With equality or with traditional family protection? With self-defense or the protection of the defenseless? .. Questions that are the culmination of the debate in the United States, where political, social and religious issues have agreed to meet and disagree, and the … Read more

Cyber ​​wars and conflict comparisons between adults and children

In the recent period, the term “cyber war” has occupied a large part of the concerns of a number of countries – especially the most important – and organizations and partisan currents, and has strongly entered into the comparisons of conflict and confrontation between multiple parties. Cyber ​​wars and conflict comparisons between adults and children … Read more

With the screening of the sixth movie of “Jurassic Park” … cloning of extinct dinosaurs between film and science | Sciences

Film films, especially science fiction films, are not expected to be documentaries or educational films. It is sufficient that they are based on – or inspired by – scientific facts to stimulate exploration and imagination. Cinemas around the world will begin showing the sixth movie in the “Jurassic Park” series of films, and the third … Read more

Dormant in the oceans .. the discovery of more than 5 thousand RNA viruses | Sciences

Although many new RNA viruses have been identified, it is still difficult to determine which organisms they infect RNA viruses are known for the diseases they cause in humans, from colds to Covid-19, and they infect plants and animals that are important to humans. These viruses carry their genetic information in RNA instead of DNA, … Read more

A young cryptocurrency billionaire wants to give up his fortune. Why? | Mix

Cryptocurrencies have become the most popular and traded among millions of users in the world, and their trading has made many people rich. In a report published by the American “Bloomberg” website, the author Zick Fu said Sam Bankman Fried, a 30-year-old cryptocurrency billionaire, will be the first billionaire to give up his fortune. Five … Read more

Abortion and Ukraine. How does Washington connect two separate issues?

The initiative is still in the hands of supporters of the military escalation in the American scene, while the warnings of supporters of “realpolitik” to slip into a direct war with Russia continue. One of the most prominent American leaders who acknowledged their country’s responsibility for the outbreak of the Ukrainian war was the former … Read more

For the first time, scientists have released a beautiful video of the RNA folding mechanism | Sciences

In view of the great interest in the development of effective vaccines to tackle the disease “Covid-19”, there has been talk of RNA vaccines, which have achieved remarkable success in the development of antibodies resistant to the “SARS” -virus is. -Cove-2 “that causes the disease. Finally, a new study led by Northwestern University solved the … Read more

3,000 years ago the British got half of their genes from France | Sciences

The process of analyzing the genetic material in this human remains was greeted with disapproval by some, for fear that it might lead to trouble and strife. An in-depth study of ancient DNA samples by an international team showed that a large wave of migration from France may also have brought the first Celtic languages … Read more