“Sterile” discussions in the fifth part of the presidential “theatre”!

at home The fifth session to elect the future president was no different from its predecessors, the “play” continues, the actors themselves, without the presence of heroes, but everyone was “equal” on a “boring” stage that the minds of the viewers underestimate and distract them with sterile discussions about a quorum that will not be … Read more

Toyota sets new standards in the compact sedan segment with the launch of the all-new Toyota Yaris 2023

Toyota today announced the launch of the all-new Toyota Yaris 2023 in the Middle East, setting new standards of elegance, power and sophistication in the compact sedan segment, offering a driving experience that reflects the position and appeal of this model in the region’s markets. This long-awaited vehicle combines elegant design with the highest levels … Read more

I signed the government’s resignation decree and the authorship designated by the president was imprisoned

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, announced that this morning he sent a “message to the House of Representatives, according to my constitutional powers, and I signed the government’s resignation decision.” In his letter, Aoun called on Parliament to “take the initiative to remove the mandate from the government, in that it was … Read more

“Presidential names” in Paris ignited Lebanon

Johnny Mounir – Republic Needless to say, all roads are closed, and escalation is the master of the situation, at political, governmental, presidential and even monetary and life levels. Therefore, the doors seem to be locked, and the keys are scattered beyond what was previously conceived and designed. But beyond the cloudy picture, there are … Read more

The “Change Representatives” initiative is the first to mobilize the merits

day A few days after the start of the constitutional deadline for the election of the new president of the republic, the presidential scene began to see serious milestones in charting the process of crystallizing at least a preliminary road map that the vanguard of positions on which to build assessments of potential presidential candidates. … Read more

The investment drain is just as dangerous as the brain drain

Khaled Abu Shakra – Nidaa Al-Watan With the difficulty of opening the doors of logical solutions to the Lebanese economic, financial and monetary crisis, the doors of immigration have been opened wide. A phenomenon, although not new to Lebanon, but it is radically different from the contemporary migrations that followed the events of 1860, the … Read more

The case of Archbishop Al-Hajj interacted and turned Al-Diman into a political pilgrimage

Between Diman and Baabda, the issue of Archbishop Musa al-Hajj is still interacting and will not subside until it reaches its desired conclusions by restoring the right to its people according to the ceiling and conditions of the permanent synod of the Synod of the Maronite Church bishops, while the summer residence of the Maronite … Read more