Application of financial incentive financing mechanisms

home countryThe acute shortage of skilled labor and craftsmen in the West Bank, and the high unemployment rate in Palestinian society, which reached (26.4%) last year, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the Community and Rural Efforts Association Development to launch the “Training for Job Performance – TAJ” project to contribute to Many … Read more

Britain is a sin and ongoing sins against our Palestinian people

Written by: Rasem Obeidat I am almost certain that all the tragedies, forced emigration, displacement and calamities that have befallen our Palestinian people are the result of colonial Britain, whose Foreign Secretary Balfour promised the Jewish billionaire Rothschild on 2 November 1917 a national home for the Jews in Palestine at the expense of the … Read more

More than 30 armed Palestinians rioted across Tel Aviv

Around 04:00 last night, six armored Palestinian jeeps entered the northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, disrupting the pre-dawn calm and causing chaos throughout the city. The jeeps eventually approached a two-story house surrounded by more than 30 masked Palestinian soldiers. Using a loudspeaker, a soldier in fluent Hebrew ordered Shlomo Herzl out of his house. … Read more

The Arab American University announces the launch of the “Pulse of Life” app, the first of its kind in Palestine

home country: The Arab American University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the World Vision Foundation, announced the launch of the “Pulse of Life” application, the first of its kind in Palestine, which contains health information for expectant mothers and their children during the first year of a child’s life. It took place … Read more

Dar Al-Kalima University celebrates the graduation of the fourteenth cohort of its students

home country: Dar Al-Kalima University in Bethlehem celebrated the graduation of the fourteenth group of its students, under the patronage of His Excellency Prof. Dr.. Mahmoud Abu Mowais, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and in the presence of Reverend A. Dr.. Mitri Raheb, founder and president of Dar Al-Kalima University, the board of … Read more

“Communication” and “National Committee for Education and Culture” conclude “Programming for Jerusalem” project

home country: The minister of communication and information technology, dr. Yitzhak Sidr, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, President of the Executive Board of ISESCO, Dr. Dawas Dawas, a project (Programming for Jerusalem), funded by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), and implemented by the Young … Read more

An elderly family reveals details of the murder of their son, Amer, by means of his sons, and rejects them

homeland: An Omari family in the town of Ujja in the Jenin governor, whose son Amer was killed a few days ago, issued a crime that was revealed after his son turned himself in to the police and admitted has that he killed his father. The family of the murdered Amer Radi Omariya, specifically his … Read more

They stole the land..and now they steal the flowers

homeland– Khadraj blom Flowers are the daughters of the earth, she carries them inside her womb and brings them into the world to decorate them and be perfumed with the scent of their perfume. They scatter life everywhere so that they can remove sorrow from the broken heart and bring joy to the souls of … Read more

In politics as well as in economics and sociology …. The gap between the people and the political leadership is widening

Written by: Rabah Gabr Popular circles expressing their dissatisfaction, or at least their dissatisfaction with the political performance of the Palestinian Authority and the political leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, are constantly expanding, almost 29 years after the signing of the Oslo Accords and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority. The reason for this … Read more

Mediterranean gas … and the final decisive battle

Rasem Obeidat wrote: The US administration, which wants to stay connected to it by Western European countries and adhere to its foreign policy, is fully aware of the importance of gas and energy for Europe, and therefore he sought a long time for an alternative to Russian gas, hence the Black Decade War that America … Read more