Why do we love ghost stories so much? #ons_in_details “in my country”

I remember it was the first night of our holiday. We were kids, gathered in one bedroom and threw our sleeping bags on the floor. My friend said we should tell ghost stories. I started telling an urban fable [مدينية] It was popular at the time. You can find mention of it on the Internet … Read more

Did Princess Diana drive Britain crazy, or was the country like that? Read and listen to it ???? “Baladi”

In the new documentary “The Princess” about Diana, Princess of Wales, we see how the deceased member of the royal family drives fast after exercising at a private gym. It happened somewhere in the 90’s, and paparazzi climbed on each other’s shoulders to take a picture of her, then moved the camera to the studio … Read more

More than 100 years … Georgian architecture is a pristine style

Georgian architecture originated during the era of the four kings of England, from George I to the fourth, and stretched from 1714 to 1830, and its buildings were famous in cities such as Edinburgh, Bath, London and Bristol, many of which are still remain. today, then, the English colonists brought them to the United States, … Read more

The time of “Rococo” … when art is predominantly female, read and listen to it ???? “Baladi”

The history of Rococo dates back to the 1730s, and this art was born in Paris during a period when political life in France changed after the death of Louis XIV, the mighty king, who imposed his royal authority on the designs of palaces. have, what they made. opaque, dramatic and graceful. The Rococo style … Read more

A French exhibition sheds light on the mysterious woman “Leona Delcourt” and the novel André Breton

We all know André Breton’s famous phrase: “Beauty will be cramped, or it will not be”, which has become The most accurate definition of aesthetics Surrealism. But most of us are ignorant that this sentence did not arise in the mind of the pioneer of surrealism through a contemplative attempt, but after his meeting in … Read more