Soto Miruko.. the eleven-year-old achieves the first grand slam in junior golf

The girl Soto Miroko, who turned eleven years old in August this year, has made a big splash in the world of golf, after she managed to win the European Children’s Championship organized by the US Kids Golf Foundation last June. Miruko started playing at the age of one and now spends three to four … Read more

Head of the Statistics Authority: The health survey is the first national survey and household database

Major General Khairat Barakat, head of the Statistics Authority, said that the agency oversees the presence of the number of ministers responsible for announcing the results and indicators of the Egyptian family health survey 2021. . Barakat added that health for all represents one of the most important goals of the Egyptian government, as it … Read more

Good news.. a new treatment for acne

Tell me – Clasoteron is the first real breakthrough in the treatment of acne, after several decades during which treatments for this skin disease were not developed … And while the promising treatment started in the United States a few months ago, the timing of its availability in the rest of the world is still … Read more

PANET | They killed him and killed the dreams of his bride | The father of the murdered Nasrawi: “Our society is decadent.”

About twenty days before the celebration of his betrothal to the bride, with whom he built palaces of beautiful dreams.. the young Nasrawi groom Ahmed Fakhoury was killed and everything beautiful was killed dream to.. The murdered young man, Ahmed Al-Fakhouri, is another victim of crime that ravages our society and preys on its victims, … Read more

The monotheistic religions are built on the shoulders of young people

One of the remarkable issues is that the late religious authority, Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad al-Shirazi, who nowadays commemorates his death, has devoted much of his life to the youth group through his books, lessons or lectures, or through his social encounters with members of society. He commanded Muslims – especially his followers, supporters and imitators … Read more